05 September 2008


Last night's workout was supposed to be a 30 min swim/ 30 min bike/ 30 min run, but I was too lazy to drive to the pool AND I had ANTM DVR'd... so who better than Tyra to motivate me to be a FIERCE biker? The run felt pretty good, especially toward the end (which is a long uphill!). I feel like I'm ready to tackle Savageman, as ugly, slow, and painful as my finish may (will) be.

59m 13s
18.00 miles
18.24 mph
6:10 PM
Trainer (brick/run)

32m 08s
3.44 mile
09m 20s/Mi
7:20 PM

Aside from a bigger butt and legs that can no longer fit into some of my pencil skirts, another wonderful side effect of HIM training is the constant exhaustion. I set my alarm for 6:30 this morning and swear I did not hear it. J woke me up, "Trish, it's 7:55, don't you have court this morning?" Yes, I do, at 8:30. I was showered and out of the door at 8:10, and to the courthouse by 8:39. Things worked out (thank goodness for late defendants ;)) but my god if I could get 10 hours of sleep a night I would be a very happy girl.

I need to get in some pool time ... probably a short 1500m after work tonight.


  1. Nice brick bike/run workout last night Trish...sounds to me like your more than ready to tackle the half IM coming up soon :-)

    Thanks for the note in my blog this am and the link-up on your blog, I have done the same on my blogsite...enjoy your swim workout tonight :-)

  2. Congrats on getting to court before opposing counsel's clients...nicely done...I hate panic mornings particularly when you feel exhausted to begin with...I had a 7:30 am schedule on Tuesday that I remembered at 6:15...and I spent all day yesterday convinced (wishing) that it was Friday...good luck on your workouts this weekend...I am trying to decide whether or not to do a metric century tomorrow (if my bike is ready) or come into the office and work (which I pretty much need to do)...can't wait to see what I will do...

  3. Yes! He is adorable. He was a rescue dog from LA that my sister hooked me up with. He matches my current rescue dog, Eleanor, perfectly...he is wonderful.

  4. Thanks for stopping by my blog! Good thing that half IM is coming up. You'll be able to catch on sleep after that!

  5. Man, I'm glad you made it on time! That's cutting it a little close!!

  6. Great Brick, keep up the good work, and get to the pool (easy for me to say).