16 September 2008

jlo and other celebrities.

You may have heard: Jennifer Lopez (nee JLo) did a sprint triathlon in 2:23:38.

I am thrilled to anounce that I am now faster than: JLo, P Diddy aka Puff Daddy aka Sean Combs, Oprah, Katie Holmes, Mario Lopez, Freddie Prinze, Jr., David Lee Roth, and Al Gore.

[for the record, I am slower than: William Baldwin, Dubya, and Dana Carvy]

[and Will Ferrel and I have almost the same PR!]

But I digress.

Yes, I think it's great that she finished it.

(I had my doubts).

(and why did she wear those stupid goggles?)

Yes, I think it's great that she raised money.

No, I don't think it's the world's most impressive accomplishment.

No, I don't think she's the only woman who has given birth and then raced.

Yes, I do think she's one of the few with nannies, coaches, etc.

Lopez … was overheard saying after the segment that she “couldn’t understand why everyone is talking about that swimmer,” according to a GMA source. “She couldn’t come up with (eight-time gold-medal winner Michael) Phelps’s name, and then she yammered on about how she was the one training for a triathlon just six months after giving birth, and how that was the big story right now, not ‘the swimmer.’”

I mean, really?

Bottom line: good for her, but let's not get too carried away with ourselves.


  1. How many times did J-lo say, "you know what i mean", and didn't Katie Holmes run her marathon shortly after having her child? I may have been a year but still - and besides, Katie looks SO much better.

  2. hahaha yeah "she's the one training for a triathlon..." that made me laugh... hello?!Iit's no Iroman lol

    Anyhow, good for her for doing it and getting triathlons out in the celebrity world. Good press for the sport.

    I'm SO jealous you beat Oprah's marathon time!!! Katie Holmes did it without all the press and saying she was so wonderful, which was nice. Anyway, I heart Katie Holmes, she'll always remain Joey Potter in my eyes (Dawson's creek fan here...)

  3. You are too funny! You know what I think is an accomplishment? A woman who has a full time job, taking care of kitties, and a hubby to spend time with who still finds time to train for a Savageman. I'm sure J-lo had enough time to fit in all the training accompanied by a nutritionist and a personal trainer. I find the first woman way more inspiring. :o)

  4. Wait was it really a sprint? Surely not. I thought it was an oly?

  5. Okay I found the distance, it was a sprint, but a longer one:

    This sprint distance triathlon is comprised of a half-mile swim, an 18-mile bike ride, and four mile run.

  6. Your journal entry is too funny about J-lo & other celebs completing the Malibu Tri :-)