02 May 2009

htfu'd, indeed.

today's ride - by the numbers:

time spent riding: 180 min
miles rode: 41
amount of time in the rain [appx]: 80 min
roadkill: 3
people that passed me: 7
people I passed: 0
water bottles on bike: 4
tries it took before I got good at putting the bottle back into the rear cage: 4
number of times I cursed the the Bento Box when it hit my leg [appx]: 14**

I woke up at 8:00 to get ready and eat before stuffing all of my stuff in the car and driving to the Columbia bike course. breakfast: thomas whole wheat bagel with peanut butter + cream cheese. bike clothes still not dry from washer so I threw them in the dryer on low with the towels.

On the course at 9:36... I decided to wear bike shorts, short sleeved jersey, and arm warmers. It was in the low 60s, overcast. Started riding and felt pretty good.

And then the rain came. [htfu, it's just rain]

I couldn't SEE. [htfu, just keep an eye out for cars]

The rain hurt like hell when it hit my skin. [htfu!]

I was nervous on some of the steep downhills, but - glass half full girl that I am! - I thought, hey, if I crash my bike, I could just get a new one.. erm, a new carbon one. a cervelo, even. I didn't crash.

I made it through the course once (25.2 mi), and then went out and back from the park to the 10 Oaks circle (16 mi).

socks, bike shorts -- soaked.
and trust me, the chamois doesn't dry quickly after a rainstorm. eeps.

**oh, I solved a mystery ! I've had these bruises on the insides of my legs about an inch below my knee, and I could not figure out where they were coming from. On an uphill I stood and my leg hit the Bento Box -- hurt. like. a. mofo. turns out all those times I hit my legs on that stupid box ... yeah, it definitely hurt enough to bruise. [turns out I need to move it back further, but for now I have two lovely purple brusies. hawt.]

after: my friends Cathy and Deb walked me through the course (the transition areas, where the swim starts and ends, the horrible hill at the beginning of the 10K) and then we enjoyed lunch at cheeburger, cheeburger.

Cheeseburger + fries + onion rings + peanut butter cup milkshake = best post ride food. Ever.

I actually had fun on the bike today ! it's taken me some time to enjoy biking - for a few reasons, I think: I'm not good at it [um, not that I'm a great runner or swimmer, but at least I can keep up in those sports], it's sssscary [whizzing downhill at 30 mph while cars pass you at 65 mph], it's expensive, and it's time intensive [pre mix drinks, pump air into tires, take front wheel off bike, load up car, drive to course, take bike out, put bike shoes on, helmet, etc., actually ride, then do all of that in the reverse].

um, all that said, I am starting to enjoy it, and I think that's because I'm getting better at it. The hills that felt impossible 2 weeks ago felt easier today, and the hills that felt difficult 2 weeks ago felt... well, almost easy today.

nutrition/ hydration plan is going well: I am becoming obsessed with Infinit (thanks, IronBob, for reminding me!). I know a lot of triathletes that use it + love it, and I'm quickly understanding why. Today I put in 6 scoops - about 600 calories - for a three hour ride. It went down easy, didn't upset my stomach, and kept me going. My plan right now for IMCOZ is to make two 4-hour bottles (marked off by the hour) and just rinse down the ultra-concentrates with water from the course. My stomach doesn't tolerate food well and I think going Infinit only on the bike - with maybe a Payday or 2 for flavor/ variety - will be a good plan.

t minus 15 days until Columbia -
so excited !


  1. Be careful out there. Roads scare the crap out of me having come inches from being hit in the past. Thanks God I have the SunCoast parkway which is a bike/run trail that spans 48 miles.

    When you get into it, start checking out Infinit on line. This stuff is ALL you need besides water on the bike.

  2. HTFU with the rain is a great idea, you never know what weather you'll get on race day.

  3. I ditched my bento long ago. Whatever I can't carry in my Jersey, and an extra bottle in my rear cage, doesn't come with me.

  4. that is my plan too. Two bottles Infinit concentrate with the Profile up front for the water. I was on a web conference with the owner of Infinit (their that small) and he recommended taking 3 bottles at the right strength so you drink one per hour and have 3 at the turn. He said it causes you to think less. Heck, with 6 to 7 hours to spare, I dont have anything better to do, so I will use the concentrate. I put markd on the bottle to show what I should drink every hour.

  5. Way to tough it out in the rain. Glad you are starting to enjoy the bike! I heard a lot of people like NUUN too and they say it deosn't bother the stomach, but I have never tried it.

    Great ride. Oh and the peanut butter cup milkshake sounds delicious!

  6. Hardcore! Way to go.
    You'll definitely be rewarded for your hard work and dedication. Think peanut butter cup milkshake times 10 :-)