05 May 2009

really, TBL? [spoiler]

the final challenge for the contestants on TBL (the Biggest Loser) is to run a marathon.

that is clearly a great idea for people who
1. were morbidly obese 12 weeks ago
2. have no to little running background
3. have 26 days to train
4. have current injuries [hip, knee]

I truely believe that anyone can finish a marathon - given proper training and time.

[I do realize that any publicity is good publicity, but shame on you NBC.]

(um I do think Mike pissed some people off by the "I'm not saying I finished a marathon. People RUN marathons. I'm walking it." still a marathon, buddy.)

.... and now I am crying because - bringing it back to me, of course [it is my blog] - the next time I finish 26.2 miles will be at the end of IMCOZ. sometimes I truely cannot believe I am attemping this. I cannot believe my training now will double [double!]. Ironman will be my life but I want it so badly. and people ask me why // why put myself through this, through the training and the pain, the exhuastion and I wish I could answer but I can't. it's too hard to explain/ it's just a goal, a fire inside, part of who I am and who I want to be. november seems so far away but it's not. RI 70.3 is in less than 9 weeks. Ain't it funny how time slips away says Dave Matthews and isn't he right.


  1. I hear ya. I was at the track tonight and saw all the IM hats - I WANT one. Someday. I think it is dump and irresponsible to make all the biggest loser contestants run marathons. That said, they do a lot of dumb things on that show and that is why a lot of people gain the weight back - off my soap box now :)

  2. I saw the show too. Who are you voting for?
    You know, the last marathon I did, I walked but it was IMAZ, so I tell people I did an Ironman (not mentioning the marathon walking part). Time 7 hours. I would kill for Tara's time in IMFL this November. Of course my chances will be better because I will be BIKING more in training.

  3. Ok - I missed the first half of the show. Why did Mike have to walk??

    I agree - put in the miles and claim your accomplishment. Even trying is way more than most will ever do. Be proud of it!!

  4. i don't watch the biggest loser, but that sounds like a recipe for disaster! seriously, to have people undertrained try to run a marathon?!?!? are they trying to kill these people?!?!?

  5. the time does fly. It seems so far away and then suddenly you have done it!

    I really hope you enjoy the training as much as I did. I was constantly amazed at how much I could do by the end. Even though I still thought it was probably not enough. I think you will always get that. I suppose the trick is to believe in your program and to know that if you pretty much stuck to it you will be fine.

  6. Wonder will they run the whole race, or cut it short to meet the production schedule.

    November is a long way away. Don't burn yourself out.

  7. I so agree with you, I felt it was a really bad idea to have them run a marathon with just 26 days of training.

    And when Mike said that it reminded me of a thread on BT from a while back.

    Oh BTW I understand why you want to do an IronMan so badly, and I can't wait to be there too :)

  8. Definitely not a good idea to run a marathon with little training, especially having a past that included little physicial activity.

    I can't wait to read all about RI! One of my friends signed up and is trying to get me to participate next year.

    You are ready to conquer the training for IMCOZ!

  9. I agree!!!! The BL pissed me off, such an irresponsible message to not properly train. You are going to rock IM, I have no doubt.

    You asked about Harper, I saw the name on a list somewhere,and I love Ben Harper & Harper Lee, so I wen t with it. It was down to that and Ella & decided to go with the least used.

  10. Your are gonna do absolutely FANTASTIC at IMCOZ Trish...were here for you as always :-) Woohoo!!!

  11. Wow - hip pain? Huh....imagine that!?!?! Gee, reminds me of my 2008 season. :)

    BTW - we are less than a week away from the 200 day mark. woohoo!

  12. WOW! I will be at your ironman in spirit cheering you on. I hope to complete my first one next year. I am not quite at that level yet, this year will be my first half iron and I am scared shitless.

    TBL? Oh man I am so tired of that show. I am so shocked someone hasn't had a heart attack yet. They aren't focusing on a LIFE altering goal, a habit. They are starting to be more quick fix which just ends up falling apart once they are off the show.

  13. First off, I kept freaking crying during TBL! I was a mess...the only thing that kept me normal was my husband barking at the screen about how incredibly stupid and irresponsible TBL was for using a marathon distance as a challenge and the short training and the injuries and their obvious continuing weight challenges. I agree, but it was special. It is bothersome that they only had I think 17 or weeks on the ranch then 4 weeks home for a possible grand total of a little over 5 months of "training." Considering you really need at least 6 months of focused training to healthily do your first marathon (in my opinion) I was concerned that others might try it. BUT my suspicion is that this was really a media stunt so that later they can launch a TBL marathon in the future...that is my guess...and boy howdy you know I would totally do it!