25 May 2009

two weeks of totals.

11 may through 17 may

in the water: 6398.40 M in 2h 13m 20s [3 workouts]
on the bike: 80.00 Mi in 5h 13m 50s [5 workouts]
in my Asics: 12.41 Mi in 1h 48m 57s [2 workouts]
TOTAL: 09h 16m 07s

18 may though 24 may
in the water: 6600.00 M in 2h 18m 35s [3 workouts]
on the bike: 89.00 Mi in 5h 15m 20s [4 workouts]
in my Asics: 20.84 Mi in 3h 16m 43s [4 workouts]
TOTAL: 10h 50m 38s


  1. Two solid weeks!

  2. You really do a lot of cycling. I noticed 5 cycling workouts in the first week?!?!

  3. Cycling is where it's at!! Nothing like getting off the bike after 112 miles and going "OK, what's next?" Your doing great.