29 June 2008

excuses, etc.

Excuses/ reasons for why my training has been sucky:

  • Three days of being sick last week
  • Not waking up early to get in my early morning workouts
  • Not enough time
  • Crazy high heat and humidity

What I am going to do to rock my workouts

  • Go to sleep earlier -- makes waking up early easier/ possible
  • Plan ahead -- put workouts in my Palm (times and dates)
  • Work out early to avoid heat and humidity ... or suck it up and get on the treadmill

That said, I did go to the gym and get in an hour on the treadmill... ick but I got it in and with good music, it wasn't that bad. [6.38 miles]. I need to put in some time on the bike trainer tonight, too.

I guess this is normal, but I really have some highs and lows in my training. One great run and I'm thinking "Great, I can do this HIM!" and one crappy bike ride and I'm doubting everything. Normal, I know, but still frustraing.

Time to get my tushie on the trainer!

1 comment:

  1. Wow, we are in the same place right now! I have had 2 bad weeksssss and it is time to start over, again. I think you are right training does have high and lows and there's nothing you can do but get right back to it. Don't try to make up for it, just move on with the training...right, right??