05 June 2008

I am crazy. No, really. More so than you thought.

What - WHAT - the eff was I thinking when I signed up for this Half Ironman? This race is going to take me seven-ish! HOURS. Oh, and there is a hill on the bike that is "the steepest hill in all triathlons." GREAT choice for a first half IM, Trish. From the website:

With its poor pavement, an average grade of 25% and a max pitch of 31%, successfully getting up the final block of the Westernport Wall takes a bit of skill, a bit of luck, and a lot of True Savage determination! All savages who conquer the Wall without putting a foot down receive a special "Brick In The Wall" prize. Those savages who choose not to tackle the closed block have the option to take a slightly longer, more humane route around the block. The Westernport Wall takes no prisoners and respects no pedigree. In the inaugural year of the SavageMan Triathlon the Westernport Wall laid claim to many victims, and not just your everyday triathletes. A multiple Ironman pro podium finisher attempted the Wall and had to unclip and walk, as did other pro triathletes. The 12th overall pro at the 2007 Ironman Hawaii World Championships took one look at the Wall, said "No Way", and elected to take the slightly longer, more sane route around.

I think I might be one of those savages who takes the "slightly longer, more sane route around" ... but then again, I feel like I should at least TRY ( "tri" haha) it. The swim doesn't bother me at all and I think I will be fine with the half marathon run .. if I MAKE it to the run! Really though, I've always been one to set high (um, in this case, RIDICULOUS) goals, and why not? You only live once.

Last night's spin class and swim went well. We went out for pizza afterwards which is, of course, the BEST post workout food.

Tonight: bike 45, run 35, weights 30


  1. Wow. I would give the hill a try before the race if possible. The problem with teh steep hills is if you get going too slow, probably under 5 mph, you will just fall over. I have seen it done and come close myself. You can get a special granny gear put on your bike that gives you an extra low gear. Sometimes that is recommended for super hilly courses like LP. I think I would opt for the longer route.

  2. Alternate route for me please. Of course I just walked 3 hills in my last race.