30 June 2008

like a fish.

Great swim tonight:

500 warm up
Ladder: 300/ 275/ 250/ 225/ 200/ 175/ 150/ 125/ 100/ 75/ 50/ 25
200 kick
500 pull
5 x 100 swim
200 warm down

Total: 3850 meters/ 1:27:45 .

It started raining during my swim, but it was a light, cold rain (and no thunder/ lightning) and it felt goooood.


  1. fantastic swim...nearly 4,000 meters...cool...

  2. thanks for stopping by my blog! i am definitely doing the diamond in the rough! my training went a little derailed recently because of a family member in the hospital, but i'm back on track now. i've never done the course before, but i have a friend who has. she said it's very manageable and the hills on the route are isolated and not bad. she didn't, however, do the swim that year (bad weather converted it to a run/bike/run).

    maybe we will see each other in transition? i love meeting fellow bloggers!