01 June 2008

Cascake Lake Tri

Cascade Lake Sprint Triathlon Race Report

Total time: 1:40:50
Swim: 10:59
T1: 2:24
Bike: 59:31
T2: 1:37
Run: 26:18

James and I left Baltimore for Westminster at 4:50 a.m. Our ride there was uneventful -- we stopped for a bathroom (me) and a cheee and egg bagel (James). We got to the Lake at 5:50 a.m., giving me plenty of time to check in, get marked, and set up my transition area. After setting everything up, I Body Glide-d up, pulled on my wetsuit, and stood with James to hear the race instructions. Then: we're off to the Lake! We walked down a steep and muddy hill (erm, the same steep and muddy hill we would be running up post swim). Men under 39 were first ... then men 40 and over .. then finally, then women!

My stuff in the transition area:

We waded out to the first buoy and waited for our GO! There were LOTS of bodies coliding, but nothing major ... the swim was short -- 500m/ .31 mi -- so it was over pretty quickly. I glanced at my watch when I got out of the water -- I think it took me about 8 minutes. I saw and heard James (GO SWEETIE!) as I was running out of the water. I heard someone say I was the 13th woman out of the water!

The lake was at the bottom of a hill, so we had to run up a muddy hill - barefoot! (I was passing a lot of MEN -- big ego boost!) to the transition area. I told myself I wasn't going to stress during the transitions, and I didn't. I calmly (okay, SEMI-calmly) pulled off my wetsuit, and put on my socks, bike shoes, helmet, and gloves. Off I ran with my bike out of the transition area.

I passed the Mount/ Dismount line, hopped on my bike, and clipped in. What I most commonly heard on the bike: on your left! The bike is by far my weakest link, and it didn't help that this was a very hilly course. Okay, excuses aside, it was an okay bike ride. I heard a lot of people say it was hard, which made me feel better. I did pass a couple of people. I felt okay on the bike -- I ate half a cliff bar and drank some water. I froze my water bottle the night before, and it was thawed - but still ice cold - when I got on the bike. I definitely have some work to do on the bike. The bike took me about 60 minutes.

I was so happy to get off of my bike and get started on the third and final leg! I ran my bike into the transition area, feeling wobbly in the legs, re racked it, and changed my shoes. I took off my helmet and gloves and put on my hat. Then, off on the run!

The run was an out and back -- down a big hill, two loops, then UP that same hill. I actually felt really good on the run. I didn't have my Garmin, and the miles weren't marked, so I had no idea how fast I was going. I was passing a decent amount of people, which felt good. After the second loop, I was told "no u-turn for you! head to the finish!" (the volunteer was keeping track of who had done two loops and who had one more to go). I ran (okay "ran" ) up the hill and to the finish ... once I saw the finish chute, I sprinted ( "sprinted" ).
Sprinting to the finish:

I'm exhuasted but I feel fantastic. I cannot believe I am going to tackle the Savageman Half Ironman in 16 weeks!

Me and James at the finish:

Big shout out THANK YOU to James for waking up at the crack of dawn with me, and playing chauffeur, cheerleader, photographer, and bag holder. Best. Husband. Ever.


  1. AWESOME job, Trishie!!

  2. Congratulations on your finish honey. I am proud of the determination you showed.

    Love -


  3. Yay Trishie!!! An inspiration to friends and family everywhere:)

  4. That is so awesome Trishie! Sounds like you did really well, especially on the swim!!!! I hope my first goes as well.

  5. Trish...
    monica linked me to your blog...great race report and congrats on a super race....
    love those muddy hills to run up....
    good luck in 16 weeks on your half...
    all the best...

  6. thanks for bookmarking the blog..
    best wishes to you in your blogging, biking, swimming and running...
    you and the hub are a cute couple

  7. Hey Trish just found you from Monica. Great job on your first Tri, you did awesome.