15 June 2008

long bike ride.

Hello to the two or three people that read this blog :P

Long time no blog. I started a new job and I've been really busy lately. My training has been going pretty well.

Yesterday I did 42 miles on the bike (on the Columbia Triathlon course, which is known for its hills), followed by a 3 mile run. I met a guy while I was biking who gave me great tips on my form. He reminded me that my power comes from my hips and to think pull-up-push-down. He also gave me advice on shifting gears going up hills. It's nice to be part of such a friendly triathlete community. I need to figure out nutition on the bike. I brought along a cliff bar and a peanut butter sandwhich, but I was really crampy. I drank water and gatorade. Ideas? I might go to shot blocks and sport beans, but the sugary-ness of those kind of gross me out. I guess I could do GU, but I'll do that on the run, and if I'd rather not eat that many GUs.

This morning I did a 45 minute run with 45 sec. strides every 10 minutes. I am not a big fan of summer running in Baltimore, but you get up early and do what you gotta do. This afternoon I had an easy mile swim (appx 32 minutes) at the pool.

I've been feeling more positive about my training lately. I'll be out of town this week for a work conference, but I'll be dragging all my gear and hope to get in as many workouts as possible.


  1. Nice job on the ride! I am having a heck of time figuring out nutrition as well. I am sticking to solids on the bike and GUs on the run for now. BUt am drinking carbopro on the bike too, can't handle gatorade. My race is Aug 10, but honestly I might be dropping down to the sprint if my swimming doesn't come together and wait for the spring to do a HIM. Not sure yet.

  2. Hi Trishie! I'm taking sports nutrition right now and learning all kinds of things about eating and timing. Our prof. said just this morning that sports drinks are really all you should need during an event and then more info on the grams of carbs to have 3-4 hours before and 60 minutes before. We can chat about it if you want :)

  3. hi trishie..thats the beauty of it all...you can experiment and see what works for you....

    your training is going very well and good job on the 1 mile bay challenge..

  4. Hi trishie!!! I have to say that for your first lake swim you did an AMAZING job!!! good for you!!! you should be proud!

    -RhodeyGirl (irbas21)

  5. Hey Trish, I saw your comment on Kath's blog and her response. From experience and from my coaches experience I have to wholeheartedly disagree with the assertion that you could only drink sport drinks on a long ride. Granted 42 miles isn't super long but it'd take you about 43 hours and 3 hours without any solid food is not a good thing. Add to that the fact that you want to train the way you would race. When racing you have to get off the bike and run-running on a stomach full of sports drink is a sure way to puke or just feel plain icky.

    During the Ironman last year, I was unable to eat my solid food because I got a really bad stomach cramp-it led to massive diarrhea on the run-really not fun.

    The great thing about being on a bike is the fact that you're not jiggling that much so your stomach can hold down nutrition. My coach's recommendation was to replace 1/2 to 3/4 of your calories burned during the bike ride while on the bike-if you could replace 100%, you'd be in even better shape, but again you have to think about your stomach jiggling during the run and keeping all of that down. Liquid for all those calories, is not going to work or satiate you.

    Keep trying stuff, I use Shot Blocks, cut up Luna Bars, and peanut butter and honey sandwiches. I also use carbopro (ick-make sure it's super cold-I put ice cubes in it and refrigerate it over night.

    I've also seen people use pretzels (the salt helps), potato chips (really!-carbs, fat, and salt), bagels, and bananas. My coach had each of those things on many of our long rides last year.

    I hope that helps!

  6. i read, i read! you are doing great, rockstar twinnie :)