03 June 2008

Good swimmer, not-so-good cyclist.

I think this is really telling of where I am in all three sports... out of 203 racers, I ranked:

~51st in the swim
~132nd in the bike
~116th in the run.

Hmm I wonder where my weakness lies.

Had a great workout yesterday:

45 minute bike (on trainer, watching My Super Sweet 16: Biggest Bling Bashes), 10.5 mi
46 minute swim, 2000 meters.

I love swimming outdoors at night ... so peaceful. The sky was clear, the water was cool, and there were only two other swimmers in the water.

Today I am doing a 40 minute fartlek run ... fartlek. Does the hilarity of that word ever get old? I seriously dislike speedwork of any kind, but it's a necessary evil and if I want to be a faster runner, I need to do a session or two a week.

I would really like to do another sprint this summer ... I may look around for one or two in the maryland/ delaware area (I wish they weren't so freaking expensive, though!).

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  1. super 16 bling??? the one with the record producers kid...
    with p diddy and kanye bopping over...yeah..thats how my 16th was years ago!!!! LOL