04 June 2008

running in the rain

I'm ruuuunnning in the rain ... just runnnning in the rain ... what a gloorrriouussss feeeeling, I'm haaapy again.

Yesterday I did farleks (will that ever get old? I think not) and it started storming on my way home. It felt wonderful -- so refreshing after running in humidity. I always forget how much I hate running in the summer until summer running season starts. I hate to either wake up really early or run late at night .... and even that doesn't make a difference because the humidity is around even when the sun is not. And yes, I WOULD like cheese with my whine, thankyouverymuch.

43m 31s // 5.04 miles //08m 38s/Mi

Tonight I'm doing a 1 hour spin class followed by a 1 hour Masters' swim.

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