14 December 2008

long run sunday, ford ironman, and my bike.

long run sunday
(pretty soon it will be long ride saturday and long run sunday and buh-bye social life. wait, can I say buh-bye to a social life that doesn't exist?)

I slept in and puttered around the house until I left for my run at 11:00 a. Baltimore is not that big so I have to be creative to ge in 14 miles ... after that distance I need to drive out to the county and run on the trails.

I had a really good run. I didn't start to feel tired until about mile 10, and I think some of that was psychological (just like getting bored/ tired at mile 4 of a 6 mi run -- it's just near the end). I continued to listen to New Moon (of the Twilight series) and although I kind of hate myself for listening to 'teenage vampire smut' it's not enough to stop.

Good weather too for a long run -- clear, partly sunny, mid to high 30s. I wore tights, a short sleeved shirt under a long sleeved shirt, and my yellow Nike drifit hat. Sometimes I was a little warm, but it was windy (especially near the water) so mostly I was comfortable.

I'm pretty confident in my goal to go a sub 4:00 at National. I ran a 3:53:13 at Richmond in November 2007, and although my mileage per week won't be the same (swim/ cycle in place of some runs), I've been a distance runner for four years and I think my experience and base will pull me through.

mile 1: 9:12
mile 2: 9:30
mile 3: 9:08
mile 4: 9:14
mile 5: 8:46
mile 6: 9:05
mile 7: 8:53
mile 8: 8:55
mile 9: 9:06
mile 10: 9:00
mile 11: 9:01
mile 12: 9:17
mile 13: 8:57
mile 14: 8:45

2h 08m 02s
14.14 miles
09m 03s/Mi

ford ironman
like the rest of the triathlon community (and anyone who flipped on nbc in the middle of the day), I watched the Ford Ironman Championship yesterday. the coverage focused mostly on the leaders, which was cool, but I would perfer to see more on the 'regular folks' (as regular as the KQ folks are, I suppose!). it was amazing though to see the leaders get out of transition so quickly - for an IM! ... and v. cool to see a female competitor tossing an extra co2 cartridge to christy wellington. my god can that woman fly on a bike.

I hope I get glow sticks to wear at IM Cozy.

my rear wheel was flat, and after unsuccesfully trying to change it, then kind of changing it but not being able to put it back on the bike (um, I really need to learn how to put on my bike wheel) I - covered in grease - decided that eating doritos and watching Gossip Girl was the better way to go.

my wonderful husband took it to the Univ of Maryland bike shop to get it taken care of. hence, I have been bike free for a week.

not gonna lie, the break the trainer and I are on has been nice.


  1. So have you gotten your bike back from the shop Trish? watching IM Kona is always very inspiring especially during the long winter months! :-)

  2. hahahaha I needed some help changing the tube on my back wheel to put on my trainer... you're not alone as clueless with your bike! LOL

    I still have to clean my chain.... been putting it off...