14 December 2008

totals 8 dec through 14 dec

swim: 1550.00 M in 36m 36s
run: 34.22 Mi in 5h 11m 06s
total: 5h 47m 42s

(bike in shop)


  1. What'S going on with the bike?

    You're so consistent in your training! I applaud you!

    I'm finding it really hard these days without the running and no goal race in mind.... sigh it is going to be a long winter!

    Keep it up!

  2. love your 09 sked....very tough with two halfs and the big one...

    but at cozumel..they will be saying "hola trishie" Hola!!

  3. Congrats on the long run!! Sounds like a good one. I suck at changing tires. I think that if I was going to do an IM, I would practice taking my tube on and off and changing the tire on a weekly basis so that it is such a second hand act that if it happens in IM, I wouldn't lose more than a few mins.