22 December 2008

long run.splits

mile 1: 9:48
mile 2: 9:34
mile 3: 10:02
mile 4: 9:21
mile 5: 9:16
mile 6: 9:10
mile 7: 9:06
mile 8: 9:16
mile 9: 9:24
mile 10: 9:22
mile 11: 9:37
mile 12: 9:12
mile 13: 8:42
mile 14: 8:35

14.05 miles in 2h 10m 48s // 09m 19s/Mi

^^ really kicked it the past couple of miles but damn if I'm not inconsistent (enough double negatives for you?)

Dressing for this weather is such a PITA. accuweather.com said 30* with wind chill of 19*. wore tights, long sleeved tshirt, heavier windbreaker, gloves, hat. got too warm at some points and took off the hat and gloves ... then put those back on and took off the jacket.. jacket back on, gloves off, hat on. repeat.

next week is just 10 miles, but the following weeks are 16, 17. I need to leave the city to do these or I'll drive myself nuts running in loops. Baltimore isn't that big of a city... especially when you cut out the really high crime areas.


  1. I saw on Steve's site that you were loving that suit - seriously how cute IS THAT???

  2. What a great long run!! Those sub 9 min/mile at the end are suuuuuuuuper Fast!!

    Regarding your last post, I'd seen it before and I think that anyone who is training for an IM has all bragging rights LOL

    Have fun in Baltimore! Merry Christmas to you and your family =)