28 December 2008

and some days the bear eats you.


mile 1: 9:21
mile 2: 9:45
mile 3: 9:32
mile 4: 9:48
mile 5: 9:32
mile 6: 9:18
mile 7: 12: 12 (what the ef!? I mean, Really?)
mile 8: 9:22
mile 9: 9:31
mile 10: 9:18

10.05 miles in 1h 38m 05s // 09m 46s/Mi

I felt slow (and really, where the hell was I for mile 7?!)... at mile 6.5 I actually looked at my watch and said UGH. It was in the 60s ... but windy, so the warm + wind was a strange combination.

Yesterday I had a 7 mi run + 18 mi on the bike... maybe my legs were too tired from the bike ride? maybe that's an excuse... [but it sounds damn good !]


I'm getting tired of running the same routes. baltimore is not a big city, and when you cut out the super shady areas, it gets even smaller. I hate the idea of driving somewhere to run, though... both because of gas and time. Next week I have a 16 miler so I will definitely drive to the county to run. I'm not running a bunch of loops around the city for over 2 1/2 hrs.


  1. Very good reason for being tired!! I know I would be, excuses or not ;-)

    Running the same routes all the time does get boring. Good idea to spice things up once in a while!

  2. excuses are a good thing! i hated driving to a running place. it makes things complicated - did I bring this, did I remember that...?