03 December 2008

2009 race schedule.

is almost complete.

there are a few more races I'd like to do (Cherry Blossom, Army 10 Miler), but IM Cozy is really pricey, and I can't justify any more ...plus, I need to keep in mind the travel to and from Rhode Island 70.3. fortunantly, the other races are all [relatively] close by.

I will add one or two century rides, but they are (1) relatively inexpensive [although to a 'normal person', paying $35 to ride 100 mi is ridiculous], and (2) not really races [training].

22 March: National Triathlon
17 May: Columbia Triathon (Oly)
12 July: Ironman 70.3 Rhode Island (HIM)
13 September: Diamondman Triathlon (HIM)
26 September: Chesapeakeman Ultra Triathlon AquaVelo (IM swim/bike)
29 November: Ironman Cozumel (IM!)

I am SO excited for 2009 and am ready to get the season going. Starting in March, I have a race every other month (two in September) until Cozumel. Although each race is its own event, all races are mainly training/ prep for IM Cozy.

Even more exciting? My tri girlfriends are doing most of these, too [they are doing Shamrock the weekend before National]. It's so nice to someone to race 'with', even if you don't actually race together.


  1. Wow!! You are going to be crazy busy! You are so inspiring! =) And that is pretty awesome your friends will be doing the same. Always better with friends!

  2. Nice schedule!! Pharmie and I are going to Coz in January, and I hope to do a little research on the IM course for a lot of you who I know who are doing IM COZ!

  3. Great schedule! I am so excited for you! IM Cozumel will be an incredible experience. Is this your first full IM?