30 December 2008


my husband is the. most. supportive. guy. ever.

[how many non tri spouses would drive to races at 5am, carry stuff, carry bikes, hold food, cheer, drive home?]

but - just because he's supportive doesn't mean he 'gets it.'

[and that's okay. I certainly do not 'get' professional wrestling. or all that fried food. and how he stays so damn skinny.]

to the point: we live in a small house. we live in a small house that was built without closets, so we have k-mart wardrobes and tiny dressers. we don't not have a lot of room for clothes and we both are clothes horses. [where did that expression come from, anyhow?]

J recently mentioned that I have too many race tshirts.

I'm sorry, I didn't realize there was such a thing.

J: I understand the tech shirts, but the Arbutus Firecracker 10K from 2005?

YES, the Arbutus Firecracker 10K from 2005, which is horrendously ugly and horribly faded. And the Army 10 Miler which I never wear because they ran out of smalls, and mediums, and I ended up with a large. And Marine Corps, which is puke yellow and was a mock turtleneck [really? I ran 26.2 mi and that's what I get?] but I cut off the turtleneck and now it's a crewneck.

I refuse to throw any of them away, and I think anyone who runs or tris understands. Shirts are trophies [especially for those of us who don't get trophies]. They are memories of first marathons and PR 5Ks and crappy 10 milers.

We - like all good married couples - compromised.

The tshirts I wear are still in my drawer, and the others are in the basement.

I might get them all made into a quilt one day, when I'm old and not racing, but to be honest, I don't foresee a future without racing.

Plus, I might finally place when I turn 85 and there are only 2 people in my AG.

[and then I'll have a medal AND a tshirt!]


  1. hahaha I am just like you. For shirts, bibs medals etc. I just keep everything. I don't have to do any compromise yet though as I am alone (good and bad LOL)

    I really like the quilt idea for the shirts one day.

    Oh and yes, he is the best guy ever!! My ex, could barely come to the starting line with me at my races....

  2. Ikeep the medals...some of the numbers..and only a few of the shirts..... Goodwill gets the rest

    have a great new year

  3. My hubby is like yours. Carry's all my crap, but doesn't get it!!! LOL Love him anyways. :D

  4. My hubby USED to be like yours, until he figured he may as well join in the fun. Now I have to carry my own crap, 'cause he has to carry HIS! lol

    I have a pile of event T's that are too small - being a bit bigger than normal, means that I hardly ever get one to fit, but I keep them all. My mum is always asking me for them, but you CANNOT wear an event T if you didn't do it!!!! That's just wrong.

  5. I've had one of my shirts (first ever tri) made into a pillow. I think I'll make a quilt out of some. I'm ready to give them away. I kinda wish we could chose not to pay for the shirt sometimes. If it's not technical, the chances of me ever wearing it are very small. I do sleep in some of them sometimes. LOL

  6. A quilt is a great idea! I laughed at the race when you are 85....I was hoping that by then I could place too :).

  7. I hate T-shirts anyway but I HAVE to have them and I HAVE to keep them. I cut off the sleeves to a cap sleeve and since they're always too long I crop them to the hip-bone. I with they would offer souvenir ladies TANKS instead!!!!

    The quilt idea is exceptional. I had thought once of framing the branding part. I have ALL the numbers framed.