16 December 2008


triathlons ain't cheap.

everyone knows this.

at a minimum, you need: swimsuit, goggles, cap, bike, helmet, running shoes.

but let's be honest. at a minimum, you also need: wetsuit, bike cleats, clipless pedals, bike shorts, bike jerseys, running shorts, running tights, singlets, tshirts, long sleeved tshirts, bike trainer, hat, gloves, sports bras, water bottles, GUs, cliff bars, other nurition, sports drinks, a gym membership, tri transition bag, running socks, cycling socks, iPod, GPS, HRM, an understanding spouse ;).

and then, after the basics, comes the wants.

it's so easy to get sucked in. compression socks? compression tights? new bike! it all promises to make you stronger, sleeker, faster. gear reviews bring out my green eyed monster and I Need It All. I'm not so much into what thoseintheknow call bike porn ... I'm too wet behind the ears to know (and really, that's not a bad thing). swimming... well, aside from from what phelps wore (and I'm not sure if I could wear that in a race, although why not?) there's not a whole lot of tech-y swim gear. I have [cheap] goggles that I like, a few suits, and fins. maybe I'll buy padles but that won't set me back too much. it's with running that I go into overdrive. I love running clothes and my Garmin and it's rare that I leave my friendly local running store without spending at least $200.00.


I'm trying not to get caught up in it. I have what I need to be comfortable and safe and feel good. I'm not a pro. Hell, I'm not an AGer. Last year I got second in the First Annual Fells Point Figgy Pudding Run. [that's probably as close as I'll get to winning]. but I don't do it to win (for the post race cookies? yes.)

anyone can go out and buy top of the line everything, can buy a $5K bike and an aero helmet and the CWX tights (want, need) but that doesn't make you faster. it doesn't guarantee you'll place or even finish.

the best gear in the world doesn't hold a candle to 5:30 a.m. swims, 15 mi long runs in the rain, or 60 mi bike rides. it won't compensate for missing workouts or sleeping late. $15 socks will not run themselves.

it's an expensive sport and it's easy to get caught up in the I-need-the-best-of-everything mindset but what's Most Important is consistent, smart training.


  1. EXACTLY! Last night I refused to go to bed because I was looking for swimsuits online (thank you for the link). I've just started dabbling in swimming and already I have 'the best' speedo swim cap, and 2 speedo suits.... LMAO.

  2. I might reward myself with the sushi swimsuit if and when I get a waistline. :o

  3. It is so expensive! I hear you. I really got caught up a bit this past summer and spent way too much money. And even the races are pricey. That's why after this baby pops out, I'll be doing just a few races a year and really thinking about which ones I really enjoy and want to do.

    i do want a splish swimsuit though and a tri specific bike! But no tri bike until I am more into swimming.

  4. well that sounded wierd, I mean I suck at swimming, so I need to get good at it to know I will stick with tris. I don't need a tri bike to swim...doh.

  5. You are totally right, you can have the best and highest gear but if you don't train smartly and concistently you won'T have a great result.

    You're well on your way to a great race! Keep it up =)