24 February 2009

tbl wisdom + dreams.

tbl wisdom:

it was a long day. I had to drive to another county to be a 'special prosecutor' [we share prosecutors and judges with our sister county when there is a conflict of interest with a defendant]. turned into a gas station and didn't realize there was a low curb - and I busted open the transmission pan [?] and the fluid leaked everywhere.

to make a long-and-not-particularly-interesting-story short, it's "only" about $300. to get it fixed, my boss took me back to work, and my husband picked me up.

the worst part: I missed running with my running group.

so: to the gym I went at 8:00p to watch The Biggest Loser and run 5 mi.

[ 5.10 miles in 46m 55s // 09m 12s/Mi ]

Comment from one of the contestants to another, whose bottom was getting sore on the bike: don't worry, it goes numb after a while.

what is my butt going to feel like after seven hours on a bike?


I dream about tris and marathons a good 2-3x/week.

Although they aren't reoccuring dreams, they are very similar.

running related dreams: the run has 'obstacles' in it --- running up and down stairs in someone's house on the course, making an omlette in someone's kitchen, finding my way around an unmarked - or not well marked - course. sometimes I'm winning [that's how I should know it's a dream!].

last night I dreamt J and I were running a marathon together. --- but we were running it in an aerobics room - in place. I finished the last mile on a track.

tri related dreams: not having goggles at the start of a race, having to run through the woods/ trails to find my bike -- and my parents and sister and J were there and no one had a camera and they were all leaving to go on a boat ride around the island.

two nights ago I had a dream that I was on the Columbia tri course. I had finished the bike and was ready to go out on the run. we had to have a meeting before going out on a run -- and the run was to the turn around point of the bike course. and for my finish time they used my watch time.

[I do have to say that tri/ running dreams beat the pants off of Bar dreams]

what are your tri/ running dreams?


  1. You sure have some special dreams ;)

    Sorry bout the car.

  2. That TOTALLY bites about your transmission. Kudos to you for still having the great attitude to run after a blah experience.

    I loved watching the bike contest on TBL last night. "Thirty minutes on a bike doesn't seem like a lot until you do it." I love it.

    Have a great Wednesday!

  3. Thanks, I saw it on yours and started to think about it and was like...its the truth...at the end of the day you can come up with a million excuses but it all comes down to: You either ran, or you didn't"

    And thats so funny about the biggest loser too, as soon as I saw those bikes the triathlete came out in me and I commented about the seats, the seat height and how they are going to hurt their legs haha,

  4. My triathlon dreams always happen the night before the race, and it always involves forgetting something VERY important (like my bike!), or getting punched or kicked during the swim....I think its the prerace anxiety!

  5. Hey, thanks for the comment about the new bike. I'm completely excited!

  6. I've never dreamed about running...watch, I will tonight!!

  7. Bummer on the trans...
    I have dreams at times of this November's IMFL and actually initiating my plan to stay in the condo next to the swim start up until 6:45, have my family body mark me and then just leisurely stroll down to the start. We will see how that goes..

  8. No tri dreams for me but on several occasions I dream about just running and how I am practically gliding along the path, how good it feels and how I could just run forever. In those dreams I am saying, 'finally' this has become so easy. Then I wake and bedding is all snarled up and there I lay, fat and stiff and dreading my next run.

    Bummer about the car but on the other hand, the 300.00 cost for transmission work was a god-send.

  9. Thanks for stopping by my blog!! I'll be doing some sort of MS in gov't/American politics/political theory as part of an Army program where I do my Masters for 2 years then teach at West Point for 3 years. I'm SO excited about it!
    As for tri/running dreams, I actually don't get them often, or I don't remember them. BUT, the last one I had that I remember had to do with realizing, as I came out of the swim that I ONLY had my wet suit on...makes transitioning to the bike a little difficult when you don't want to take the wetsuit off!

  10. I get tri dreams leading up to races, and they are always anxiety-ridden! At the race, finish the swim, and no bike in transition! Or it's in the wrong spot. Or no running shoes! They are even weirder than that, just can't remember the weird ones off the top of my head!!

  11. Great long run (from your previous post) I'm always impressed by your fast miles near the end of the LSD.

    I haven't had a run/race dream related since my last marathon and I couldn't even say what they were on.