03 February 2009

leaving on a jetplane.

Thank you for flying US Airways.

Your purchase is now complete and your reservation has been electronically ticketed. No paper tickets will be sent. For customer assistance, please call 800-428-4322.

Passport requirements have changed for one or more of the cities in this itinerary. Please be advised of new requirements for travelers to your destinations.

2 Passenger(s)
Taxes & Fees$213.40
Grand Total$789.40

26NOV: Baltimore ----> Charlotte -----> Cancun [taxi to Cozumel]
02DEC: [taxi to Cancun] ----> Cancun -----> Charlotte -----> Baltimore.


  1. I am getting SOOOOOO excited for you!!!!!!!!

  2. I am confused. Thats almost a year away. And I am going to Hawaii in May. Nanny Nanny Boo Boo!!! LOL

  3. I have some great dive memories from Cozumel. In fact we conceived our second son there in 1995.... whoops, way to much information... sorry... guess your committed now.. at least for a nice vacation and much much more..

  4. That's a very motivating plane ticket!

  5. Very nice Trish!!! it's getting down to the real serious time frame now ;-) your gonna have a great time indeed!