08 February 2009

weekend running.

I ran and ran every day, and I acquired a sense of determination, this sense of spirit that I would never, never, give up, no matter what else happened. Wilma Rudolph, US track star


6.09 miles in 56m 33s // 09m 17s/Mi

met with my running group at 10a for an easy six followed by... brunch! we finished at a local diner, where I most thoroughly enjoyed coconut french toast with mango slices.

a most wonderful way to run - with a great group of people and ending with french toast.


12.05 miles in 1h 47m 06s // 08m 53s/Mi

I don't know why this wasn't a great run. It should have been -- great weather [lows 50s, clear skies, light breeze], shorter long run. I just never really got into a groove. splits are good, minus mile 9 [wtf]. guess they can't all be inspirational awesome loving it runs. most important is that 12 were planned - 12 are done!
mile 1: 8:52
mile 2: 9:02
mile 3: 9:07
mile 4: 8:54
mile 5: 8:43
mile 6: 8:48
mile 7: 8:52
mile 8: 8:35
mile 9: 9:52 [?]
mile 10: 8:35
mile 11: 8:34
mile 12: 8:49


  1. My running group needs to learn from yours. We run, but never eat afterwards. I think that needs to change!

  2. Now it's 7:30 Sunday night and I want french toast. Thanks alot. ;-)
    I like the new blog title.

  3. Great run! If it wasn't inspiring for you it was for me!!

  4. I would take those splits any day, even on my bike :)