22 February 2009

[try to keep up]

sked called for 12 miles, but I ran out too far, so I ended up with an extra mile [d'oh!]:

13.10 miles in 1h 56m 23s // 08m 53s/Mi

rain + a little sleet. so tired of winter. spring: come on!

felt really good during the second half. I can't seem to pick it up until the second half of a run. understand that negative splits are good, but I think I should probably get in a 20-30 minute easy run before the start of the marathon.

oh, and I am almost 100 per cent sure I will be running with the 3:50:00 pace group.

National in t minus 3 wks + 6 d.s!

mile 1: 9:14
mile 2: 9:21
mile 3: 9:24 [slowest]
mile 4: 9:05
mile 5: 9:12
mile 6: 8:52
mile 7: 8:42
mile 8: 8:47
mile 9: 8:48
mile 10: 8:41
mile 11: 8:23 [fastest]
mile 12: 8:36
mile 13: 8:36


  1. Nice run! I seem to do the same thing, running a little quicker on the way back. I don't if it's mental or what.

  2. Nice run pace - you're fast! Thanks for the fruitcake comment - good idea to try to get them to sponsor me - LOL!

  3. Nice run, Trishie! I'm always faster after a couple of miles, but I find it mentally tough to warm up for a long race!!

  4. Good job on finishing strong! Keep it up.

  5. Thats really fast! Nice run!

  6. I hope I will be that fast when I run my half in May :)