01 February 2009

20 miles on frozen pavement.

I woke up and debated where to run. I knew the trail would be frozen and although I just bought YakTrax I didn't feel like driving thirty minutes out to run on ice. Call the whaaaambulance, I know.

As much as I normally detest long runs through the city - the rude comments, the hills, the stoplights, the lack of space to get in any decent mileage - I decided to do my 20 out there today. I mapped out my run on Gmaps Pedometer to make sure I'd get in enough distance [v. few things more annoying that realizing you are two miles from home and need to get in four more miles].

Checked the weather - mid 30s! a heatwave! blue sky! no jacket needed! and got dressed. Wore UA coldgear tights, UA coldgear base layer, thin gloves, and light hat [the gloves would come off at mile 3 and stay off]. Threw on my six bottle fuel belt - with three GUs - and headed out.

The first few miles were - as usual - slow. [I normally don't warm up before a marathon or half, but I think I will run a couple miles before National to get the blood flowing and the heart pumping]. I felt good after mile three or four, though.

20.05 miles in 3h 05m 21s // 09m 14s/Mi.

mile 1: 9:18
mile 2: 9:55
mile 3: 9:47
mile 4: 9:20
mile 5: 9:09
mile 6: 9:11
mile 7: 9:28
mile 8: 9:00
mile 9: 9:45
mile 10: 9:26
mile 11: 9:05
mile 12: 8:58
mile 13: 9:00
mile 14: 9:04
mile 15: 9:01
mile 16: 9:08
mile 17: 8:57
mile 18: 9:07
mile 19: 9:03
mile 20: 9:15

next week's long run is a break: 12 mi. whew!


  1. Nice run. I'm glad you had some decent weather for your 20-miler. 30s and sunny isn't so bad!

  2. Great run!!! You got me beat in the mileage department. It was mid 30s at start time this morning and was in the low 40s when we got done. Heat wave it was.

  3. Nice run! Isn't the "warm" weather great??

  4. way to rip off the great run trishie

  5. Nice run. I love love love those new GUs, too bad they are so much more expensive, ugh.

  6. Maybe someday my fast will be as good as your slow! Nice run despite the ice.

  7. We're getting a heat wave, too. We're supposed to get up to 40 today!