14 February 2009

vertigo + saturday 10.

Vertigo (from the Latin vertigin-, vertigo, "dizziness," originally "a whirling or spinning movement," from vertere "to turn"[1]) is a specific type of dizziness, a major symptom of a balance disorder. It is the sensation of spinning or swaying while the body is actually stationary with respect to the surroundings.

I woke up thursday morning and showered. I remember being a little unsteady during my shower, but attributed that to being tired. I don't remember the next part, but according to J., I couldn't get dressed. he said I stumbled around until he got up to help me, and then I knocked all of my jewelry off of my nighstand. after sleeping a good 8 hours, I went back to bed and slept from 7:30 am until 3:00 pm. ate, then back to bed until 9 pm. ate, then slept from 11 pm until 7 am friday morning.

after walking into some walls at work and spilling my diet coke at lunch, I decided to go to the doctor. he attributed it to vertigo, and after running some tests [I did the walk and turn, just like my defendants!] he sent me home. I felt great today, until a few hours after my run. the spinning/ uneasy/ 'off' / clumsy feeling returned. I got OTC medicine at the pharmacy, and that seems to help. what a pita.

[it doesn't seem to be harming my training though, which is good.]


what's NOT a pita? my run today! woo!

um, my sked said 10, but I got it stuck in my head that it was 12. I remembered that at mile 10 ... and still 2 mi from my house. nicely played.

12.05 miles in 1h 42m 57s // 08m 32s/Mi

The Infinit nutrition didn't work out so well .... I got a little crampy towards the end. think I'll stick with the Accelerade. splits good -- I am *definitely* getting faster, which is a huge ego booster :).

mile 1: 8:49
mile 2: 8:52
mile 3: 9:31 [slowest]
mile 4: 8:16
mile 5: 8:23
mile 6: 8:33
mile 7: 8:26
mile 8: 8:30
mile 9: 8:03 [fastest!]
mile 10: 8:31
mile 11: 8:16
mile 12: 8:24


  1. You ran after a diagnosis of Vertigo?????

  2. Great run!! I can't believe you ran a day after vertigo! It makes me feel just a little car-sick thinking about it!

  3. You're a crazy IM training girl to be running after a day like that!! Kick ass run my friend!

  4. Glad you were able to get it dealt with and that is't not affecting your training.

  5. I'm doing fine; thanks! I'm just very very busy and my running and swimming accounts for much of that. Thanks!!! Not running and swimming like you of course, ever =D!!! And looking at a new Mr. might be right....

  6. Whoa, that vertigo madness is scary. Happy to hear you recovered and still hauling ass :-)