06 February 2009

foto friday.

in honor of NikeMom's Foto Friday:

this is aggie. her full name is aggie meowskins furhona cecil, and she also goes by aggie meowzers, princess meowskins, and aggersons.
I grew up with dogs and never liked cats, but I wanted a furry pet during law school and the fish didn't like to be touched. we didn't have time or space for a dog, and so a cat it was.
J and I went to the local shelter (where we volunteer and foster kittens through now) "just to look." we fell in love with "Tara" (previous-previous name: Peaches), a Hurricane Katrina rescue who recently arrived at the shelter -- and promptly adopted her.
we left with her that evening, heading first to PetSmart to pick up the essentials. we didn't see her for the first two weeks at her new home. she hid under the bed and only came out during the day to eat, drink, and use her litter box. poor little thing was scared and shaken up.
she's still a skittish little thing, but she's come out of her proverbial shell to become our loving aggie meowskins. <3


  1. Thats a great photo. Hanging on and giving lots of love. The look on her face is priceless

  2. Great photo! Thanks for stopping by my blog.

    I wouldn't say us Californians are hilarious - we're just soft!

  3. Great photo, I love how she has her paw all spread out like ---- this person miinnneee.

  4. I hated cats growing up. 4 or 5 years ago we found a cat in a grocery store parking lot abandoned and (much to my inital protest) we adopted it. Turned out to be the best "dog" i ever had. I taught it to come on command and cuddle when I wanted. Unfortunately it got crushed in our garage door and now we are back to a dog (but I sure do miss our cat which i never thought I would say 10 years ago).

  5. Thanks for leaving your most proud racing moment on my blog! It's an inspiration to me...my first marathon is in October!!