15 February 2009

sunday's 20, and: which is worse?

first, which is worse: 3hrs on your feet at just over a 9 min mile pace, or seven minutes in an ice bath? I'll let you all ponder that.

20.05 miles in 3h 01m 56s // 09m 04s/Mi.

I decided to keep it all in the city again. to those of you to which this will make sense: from butcher's hill up to waverly, around lake montebello, down charles, through federal hill, finish through harbor east/ fells, and back up the side of the park.

I felt pretty good until mile 16-17 -- that's when the pain [not surprisingly] set in.

I'm listening to The Ivy Chrononicles, which is a fun listen. ... no sexy vampire family of course, but it'll do !

[Karen Quinn's The Ivy Chronicles is the amusing story of what happens when a New Yorker loses her job, her husband, and her ritzy Park Avenue pad and is forced to carve out a new niche for herself and her two private school-educated daughters. After transferring the girls to public school and renting a shabby-chic (at best) flat upstairs from a knicherie, Ivy Ames takes her billionaire friend Faith's advice and starts a consulting business to help privileged pre-schoolers get into the city's premier kindergartens.]

mile 1: 8:44
mile 2: 9:09
mile 3: 9:16
mile 4: 9:25
mile 5: 9:25
mile 6: 9:07
mile 7: 8:54
mile 8: 9:10
mile 9: 9:15
mile 10: 8:53
mile 11: 8:37 [fastest]
mile 12: 9:17
mile 13: 9:08
mile 14: 8:43
mile 15: 8:45
mile 16: 8:55
mile 17: 8:53
mile 18: 9:32 [slowest]
mile 19: 9:12
mile 20: 9:10


  1. Be careful not to overdo the miles. We all want to see you get to the finish of All your races this year..

  2. Nice run...again!! Do you ever have a bad workout??

  3. love the new header!! Great 20 miler!!! What pain was it? Just normal I'm running a 20 miler, or ouch there is smth wrong with 'blank' (insert foot, hip, knee etc?)

  4. Great run. Steady pace the whole way. You will KA ion COZ.

  5. I definitely pick 7 minutes in an ice bath as being worse! That's just awesome that you go out and run 20 miles. I'm inspired. Seriously.

  6. Dang, I would take the ice bath, after 20 miles anything will sound good to relieve the pain. Nice pace on the run.

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  8. And I thought that my 16k was a long run yesterday :p Awesome run!

  9. Best header yet!!!! Nice slowest mile... works for me!

  10. Neither is worse. 20 miles of torture makes a champion and 7 minutes of arctic torture heals the champion. You win either way. You go girl!

  11. Nice run! I'm tired just thinking about it...

  12. I tried an ice bath for the first time a couple of weeks ago after a long run. I was pleasantly surprised - but then realised my brain must have frozen.

  13. great 20 miler over the weekend Trish...fantastic pacing I must say indeed!!!

  14. Never thought about listening to an audio book while running - genius! (Sometimes I miss things that are SO obvious...) Awesome run - ice baths are eeeevil!

  15. I LOVE the audio book idea! I'll have to try that.