19 July 2009

a humbling run, weekly totals, and the start of something new.

hope all my bloggy buddies had a great weekend !

a humbling run

AR friend convinced me to start trail running. Since he smokes me on the bike and I'm a decent runner I thought this would be a chance to be the fast one... or, at least, keep up.

I. Was. Wrong.

Trail running is a different animal. Hills, rocks, roots, branches, trees -- I was exhuasted after the first mile. And there went AR friend, flying down the downhills and easily tackling the uphills. Me? Stutter stepping the downhills to avoid falling flat on my face and slogging up the uphills like this was my first time in running shoes [despite my National Marathon tshirt and 70.3 Finisher hat].

Still, it was absolutely beautiful:

Seamus [AR friend's dog] had a good time playing in water.

A house J and I could probably afford!

The elevation ... yup, a couple hills:


the numbers: 6.68 miles in 1h 17m 49s // 11m 39s/Mi.
compare that 11:39 to yesterday's 8:30s. yeeps to my ego. still, will make me a better runner and as AR friend says, we're working on my training, not on my ego.
[still, the ego a little sore after that run]
then, post run slurpees . delicious.

weekly totals - recovery week

in the water: 1500.00 M in 29m 46s
on bella: 8.00 Mi in 37m 50s
in my asics: 13.53 Mi in 2h 18m 52s

total: 03h 26m 28s

the start of something new

tomorrow marks the official start of IRONMAN COZUMEL 09 training.
.... let the journey begin !


  1. Yeah, trail running is a lot of fun, but the first time is always an eye-opener. Have fun with your IM training!

  2. Wow, great race you had at RI 70.3! When is Cozumel? Be careful with the trail running. i was doing that a couple years ago because it is fun and pretty. But then i tripped on a root, and my knee landed hard on a rock. That set me back 3 months in my training.

  3. don't even look at your pace! trail running is all about enjoying the experience :) looks beautiful!

  4. i'm envious of yoru trail run! beautiful!!

  5. I did my own version of a trail run this week. Quads are screaming. I am taking trail running off the training program.

  6. Trail running is so much fun, but you can't look at pace or time.

    Here is to the start of ironman training!!!

  7. I never made the connection to you from here to BT, I had seen your comments on William's blog. Small world! I love your RI pics! Mine are blah, ASI is not very good. And about my swim time, there is a massive current in the Hudson which is why it's so fun to swim in. If sharks were nipping at my heels, there is no way I could swim a 1:19/100... ever! :)

  8. Congratulations on the run - those are HARD.

    The camera is an Olympus Stylus 850SW - they are great: waterproof, shockproof (I drop mine a lot), and small enough to fit in a bike jersey for long rides, plus a rechargeable battery!

  9. Looks like a blast! I think that hills and this type of training make you so much stronger!

  10. I didn't realize you had a camera on the run. Why no group photo? Seamus was tired enough to sit still at the end.

    This is the first of many trail runs! The hills are good for you. Take your pick: we run up Ilchester being baked by the sun and honked at my cars or we run up hills on the trail, shaded by the trees and serenaded by the birds. Tough call.

  11. You know your still recovering from the half IM the past weekend! Your training trail run report and pictures are stunning Trish :-) You know you could easily run the Tecumseh Trail marathon were running but unfortunately its only a week after IM COZ and you will be resting then ;-)

  12. I 'heart' trail runs. It will indeed make you a better, stronger runner. Your ankles and knees will thank you:) Plus with scenery that beautiful, eventually you will want to give up road running due to absolute boredom. Speaking from experience....
    Good luck with the training!

  13. No! I did not order the PDX90. Well I did but cancelled it. Now I wish I hadn't because I was only an hour ago explained how the billing works. Oh well. I hope I didn't make a mistake in not keeping the PDX90 order in. The last time I took that type of 'course/program' was 3-days a week at a private training hall. AWESOME results and I was the most fit ever!

    I know I run no where near your level but I do have one 5K trail run on my notch and yes ... they are an entirely different animal -- especially the day after a torrential downpour -- oh the mud, the rivers and streams and ... !