26 July 2009

week one + totals

the first week of IM training went s w i m m i n g l y ! I know all weeks won't be like this, but I am going to just enjoy it for what it was: a great first training week.

in the water: 6850.00 M in 2h 22m 42s [3 workouts]
on bella: 59.70 Mi in 4h 20m 56s [3 workouts]
in my asics: 19.77 Mi 3h 05m 06s [3 workouts]

total training time: 09h 48m 44s

Saturday's run
I had my first long run in, well, a long time!
The plan called for a 12 mile run, and with a predicted high of 90*F + humid I knew I'd have to get it in early.

I go up at 6:00 and was out the door by 6:25 [I find it amusing that I get up earlier to train than I do for work!]. Even toward the end of the run it wasn't that hot... looks like the earlier the better for long weekend runs + rides.

I did a familiar run, and kept almost
all of along the water, which was nice.

mile 1: 9:35
mile 2: 9:26
mile 3: 9:40
mile 4: 9:29
mile 5: 9:21
mile 6: 9:16
mile 7: 9:13
mile 8: 9:12
mile 9: 8:51
mile 10: 9:04
mile 11: 9:17
mile 12: 9:23

12.05 miles in 1h 52m 11s // 09m 19s/Mi

Sunday's ride

The more I ride, the better rider I become, and the more I want to ride ... and the better rider I become. Cyclical, eh?

I got to the park at 10 to 8:00 .. and it started drizzling. And then it started pouring. And then it really started pouring. ARF and I sat in his car for a while and waited it out. And then - thankfully, because I really didn't want to do 2 hours on the trainer - the rain stopped and the sun started shining.

This is one of my absolute favorite rides. Rolling hills, beautiful scenery, acres of farmland... and at the beginning of the ride there were tons of these little yellow birds [that reminded me of something
Fleur and the other Veela would have released. yes I am a nerd]

I went with my Camelback and a 2 hour concentrated bottle of Infinit. I had a sip of Infinit every 10 min... and I think I'll need to get a watch for IM Cozy that beeps every 10 minutes to remind me to drink. ARF forgot his water bottle so I shared mine because sharing is a nice thing to do. I still felt kind of hungry and I think I'll need to up my Infinit calories to 250 / hour (currently at 217/ hour) ... and maybe bump up the protein a bit.



33.50 miles in 2h 10m 05s // 15.45 Mi/hr

... onward and upward to week two !


  1. great first week!! what a strong run on saturday, steady the whole way with a quick mile 9! Glad the rain cleared up for you to ride too! The first of many weeks to come. great start!

  2. 1 week down ...

    Sounds like we have lots in common besides IM training. Vampires, check. Harry Potter, check.

    Have a great week!

  3. Way to start training off nice and strong. The more I ride the better I become, I agree 100% with that. Great job.

  4. Embrace those 90F days for training. In fact, look forward to them. IMCOZ may be toasty in November, and if not, it will be a true vacation.

  5. Way to kick it off with a solid week!

  6. Impressive start of training! Keep it up and you'll do better than you expect in Coz!! You have 124 days left to go and do I understand you completed week one of a 90-day training program? What do you do for the last days before the race??? Is this a rest, or taper period? Sorry if that's redundant, I've probably missed something somewhere...

  7. Great first week! It has it's ups and downs, but I'm still really enjoying it in Week 25. It's quite an experience!