29 July 2009

an open letter to my iron sherpa.

dear james [my iron sherpa],

four [4!] years ago, this was us:

we clean up pretty nice, I'd say.

and while I could go on [and on and on and on and on] about how wonderful you are in all aspects of my [and our] life(ves), I'll keep this tri / running related. [um, and let's be honest... most of my life right now IS tri related!]

you got me a brownie cake - with 26.2 candles, natch - after I completed my first marathon - Baltimore - in 2005. we were still living in that apartment with the loud art students. I ate the whole thing in two days.

you were there with me at my first triathlon [Cascade Lake Sprint, summer 08]
this was before I had discovered the joy of a race number belt.

and at the start of my fourth marathon [National Marathon, March 09, 6:15 a]

... and at the finish line.

you drove us three hours west to Deep Creek Lake so I could 'race' Savageman.
and you never told me that I had absolutely no business being there, although we both knew that was the truth.

you cheered me on at Columbia... while wearing my transition backpack [after finding the only unhealthy food the vendors were selling]

anyone who reads this blog knows how much I value your support. you are my chauffeur, photographer, cheerleader. you [rarely] complain about how much money I've spent on gear, clothes, and races. you listen to be babble on about my training schedule and my bike and my nutrition plan. you commiserate with me when I have a bad training session and celebrate with me when I have a good one. you know the exact distances of an Ironman and have never once complain about ending our nights at 8 pm so I can go to sleep early.
simply put,

I could not train or race without you
or, maybe I could, but it wouldn't be nearly as enjoyable.
looking forward to this journey - Ironman - and seeing you, my iron sherpa, at the finish line at Cozumel, beer(s) in hand, and knowing that I could not be there without you.

[happy anniversary]

[oh, and proof that we have a photo together where I'm not wearing spandex and you're not wearing your maryland under armour jacket]
all my love,


  1. Congrats! My wife and I just celebrated 4 years as well. She is just as supportive as your husband sounds; rarely complaining and putting up with all the craziness. I don't think any of us could do it all without our support staff.

  2. Congrats Trish and James. 12 years for me this weekend.

  3. Awww! Happy anniversary. There's no way we could do all this without the support we get from our spouses, I know that :)

  4. Awesome post - I love the cake!!

  5. phew! break out the tishue box! ;)p

    congrats on 4 years!

  6. Happy anniversary! Your wedding pictures are beautiful, love the dress too!

  7. happy anniversary, and may you have many more!

  8. Awwww so sweet Trish, James seems like a great guy, you made a cute couple. Happy anniversary.

    Also in regards to your comment on my blog, I thought for sure it was PF b/c of the morning cramping too, but after xrays and a checkout by a sports med doc who is also a boston marathon, he diagnosed me with PTD. Same sort of pain, different part of foot I guess. It sucks!

  9. Thank you so much Tricia. :) Happy Anniversary!

    To think it was right when we got married that you were training for that first (and supposedly only) marathon at the time. I'm always so proud of you and know better than to ever tell you that you couldn't do something. Not because I know you'd tune me out if I did, but because you've always accomplished what you've set out to do.

    Looking forward to your finish at Cozumel.

    Love you mostest,
    Your Iron Sherpa

  10. Hey,
    Congratulations guys!!
    IMCOZ, no cake at the finish, how about 140.6 Margaritas!!

  11. So flipping adorable!!!!!!!!!!

    Congratulations! and that cake, how sweet!

    simply perfect, can't wait to see your celebratory pictures from Cozumel

    (The idea of 140.6 margaritas is appealing to me...)

  12. After having a crummy day I read this post and it reminds me what life is about. What an awesome post. Congratulations Guys!!!

  13. Happy Anniversary! Everyone needs an Iron Sherpa ... I have been married to mine for nearly 9 years and I couldn't do it without him. It is so wonderful to hear about someone else's happiness and support! :)


    p.s. Bob, I will have margaritas with you in FL!

  14. ahhhh what a tear jerker. Congrats to you both!

  15. happy anniversary :) what would we do without the support of our husbands?! :)
    love your wedding pics! beautiful!

  16. OMG - has it been that long? I so clearly remember your first days on CK - I'm in law school! I'm got engaged, I'm getting married! Is seems like yesterday!!

    Congratulations and what a lovely tribute to James!

  17. I became an Iron Sherpa last year. My fiance decided to sign up for the Ironman on May 1, 2010 in St. George, Utah. We are both extremely STreSseD OuT! He's in med school, graduates June 2010, and doing an IronMan May 1st. I work full-time, go to school at night, would love to spend more time cycling, AND don't forget we're getting married in 2 months! Any advice on how to deal with ALL this?

    Pooped Sherpa