05 July 2009

totals - june and last week.

monday 29 - june 5

in the water : 3200.00 M in 1h 05m 29s
on bella : 66.80 Mi in 5h 04m 47s
in my [new!] asics: 21.61 Mi in 3h 25m 06s

total: 09h 35m 22s

june 09

in the water : 18250 M in 6h 13m 24s
on bella : 376.45 Mi in 26h 58m 59s
in my asics: 34.61 Mi in 5h 34m 39s

total: 38h 47m 02s

with my achilles tendonitis I didn't get in very much running in June ... and with the stitches I missed a week of swimming. still, a solid month, and I'm pleased with the cycling. onward and upward to july ! .. which will be a low numbers month -- one week of taper + one week of rest/ light active recovery.


  1. Good job Trish, a solid month even if you had to deal with the Achilles and with that little bike crash.

    Way to go :)

  2. your doing great! despite some setbacks. dont go too crazy this week!

  3. Happy belated 4th. Spent the 4th and a few more days in Paris with the bride. Pictures to follow on the blog tomorrow.

  4. Solid month despite the injuries!! Keep it up and good luck this weekend!

  5. Nice work! RI is just around the corner. You are ready. Enjoy your short taper!!

  6. Very nice month.....Happy 4th of July ( a couple of days late). Looking forward to reading about your race this weekend.

  7. You warrior you .... bumps, cuts, bruises and problem tendons .... you just keep on ticking ......! :-)