31 July 2009

july is ova ! + the FINA swimsuit debate

july is ova!

well bloggy buddies, july is over ! [how is that possible?]

my numbers are low for this month because of a one week taper and a one week recovery period.

in the water: 6h 36m 39s - 19000 M
on bella: 13h 27m 46s - 195.2 Mi
in my asics: 14h 47m 02s - 92.54 Mi

total training time: 34h 51m 27s

so excited for august and starting my first full month of IM training !

the FINA swimsuit debate

as a woman, erm, swimmer, I just think we should go back to the plain ol' speedos. the originals, if you will. I mean, do you want to see this:

or this?

the State rests its case.


  1. Depends on who you stick in the speedo. Personally I look better in a full wetsuit

  2. i am so jealous of your running #'s. How do you do it?

  3. I dunno. I think almost nobody looks better in a speedo. Maybe a few speedo models, but real people?!? I'd prefer to see them a bit more covered up...

  4. I can't believe July is over! While I don't really like the speedo, I think they should still swim in them. There is too much controversy that surrounds the new suits.

  5. I am with the State on this one!

  6. Here is a very creative and sexy way of solving the FINA simmers controversy

    Sexy solution to FINA swimsuit fiasco