10 July 2009

rhode island bound !

leaving on a jetplane for Providence in 5 minutes.

you can track me at
ironmanrhodeisland.com or ironman.com on Sunday 06/12.

race starts at 6:00 am !

thanks for all the well wishes !


  1. good luck! Have great race and most of all, have fun!!

  2. Wow, I saw your time, you are a stud!!! Congrats!!!!

  3. Gah! been m.i.a and I didn't catch you in time to wish you good luck. Nor can I peep your results since the search doesn't accept Iron Trish as a first and last name. But according to Big Daddy Diesel, it sounds like you hauled and whooped ass! Can't wait to read the race report and see pix. Congrats girlie :-)