04 October 2009

totals and to-do

IM week 11 training:

in the water> 4200.00 M in 1h 30m 09s
on bella> 87.80 Mi in 6h 00m 13s
in my asics> 28.20 Mi in 4h 24m 34s

total training time> 11h 54m 56s

55 days from Ironman Cozy and, off the top of my head (idea borrowed from Anne):
> order more Infinit
> new saddle?
> new bike shorts? thinking about the
de soto 400 mile short
> practice changing tire .. thinking of doing "Tire Tuesdays" where I practice changing the front and bike tire one time each
> start working on my "to pack" list
> more swim
> more bike
> more run
> thank husband profusely
> more date nights with said husband
> call LBS to get biked tuned up, packed up in [rented] bike box
> buy more poptarts
> buy 650 tubes
> breathe
> two more centuries
> 8-9 hours of sleep/ night
> get a massage

> maybe get a couple massages


  1. great progress. i like your to do list and i think practicing changing tubes/tires front/back is a great idea.

  2. How about 3 more massages? Isn't that why we tri? For the excuse to get massages?

  3. You really are absolutely doing fantastic with your training and racing Trish!

    55 day...wow time flys by quickly ;-)

  4. DeSoto 400 miles shorts? If you are a full bike short kinda girl, then you will love them. You might even find yourself running in them afterward. They are that comfy. I'm not a bike short girl, but the one time I wore them, my t-run off the bike was very comfy.

    Massage - YES! Get them! I'm getting them during each of my rest weeks, and doing self therapy in the weeks between. Your legs/back/shoulders will thank you.

    8 weeks BABY!!! Woohoo!

  5. Congrats on your training!

    Good idea on your Tire Tuesdays your tire changing (I should do this more myself). I actually talked to a guy once who practiced his tube changes by having his wife randomly let the air out of one of his tires one day a week. It's not the most convenient way to practice because you get all gear up for a ride and find the flat tire. However, it allows you to practice under stress/frustration.

  6. yes...it's very important to buy more poptarts!
    Tire Tuesdays sound like a great idea...I might have to steal that from you.

  7. Nice job on the week! I too need to order more Infinit...lately it seems I order it every few weeks!

    Yes, my swim distance/tracking was courtesy of the 310XT stuffed in my swim cap.

  8. Great list -- I think everyone training for IMFL or IMCoz has a similar lists. :) I like "Tire Tuesday", I don't practice nearly enough.

    Great week of training -- keep on keeping on!

  9. Not sure if you can get pop-tarts in mexico...great plan thinking ahead. I hate to ask but is there a backup plan in the event Belle get's lost; like luggage in transit??

  10. Great week of training and to do list! Good thinking on the tire chaning- something we all should practice more.

  11. Neimanmarxist stephOctober 6, 2009 at 3:29 PM

    just stopping by to say "hi"! read recent posts and it looks like you're rockin' it!!!

  12. You are way ahead of me in planning! Poptarts? Why new saddle? I would hesitate to change anything this late in the game (tho, you have more time than I do)