31 October 2009

october is over + 28 things.

Biggest. Month. Ever.

swim> 27514.8 M in 9h 41m 49s
bike> 499.2 Mi in 34h 13m 53s
run> 123.54 Mi in 19h 01m 41s

total training time> 62h 57m 23s

and now, in honor of being 28 (!) days out:

1. long run today: 18.06 miles in 2h 48m 56s [09m 21s/Mi]. legs + feet starting hurting around mile 16. turned off my iPod at mile 12ish to practice remembering my "Best Moments" and "Mantras"... and kept it off for the rest of the run. really enjoyed running without it!
2. finally feel really comfortable changing flats. whew.
3. there is currently a box of chocolate pop tarts and 3 PayDays in my house. Must. Not. Eat. Until. Race. Day.
4. currently wearing my compression socks. alas, they are not the awesome looking Zoot ones... but for $50 cheaper, I'll keep my Rite Aid old-lady ones.
5. my house needs to be cleaned. will save this for taper madness so I have something to do.
6. getting REALLY REALLY excited.
7. filled out my Time Prediction Worksheet (dream and actual] AND my Spectator Meeting Places Worksheet, and emailed both to my family.
8. Ice baths aren't so bad - once you actually GET into them.
9. I wonder how much money I've spent on Infinit over the past few months.
10. think I tweaked something in my left knee today.. it's sore but gets better when I move.
11. going to be the Morton's salt girl for Halloween.
12. can't get too drunk tonight [I haven't been drunk in a Really Long Time] because tomorrow is a 90 minute ride and 4000M swim.
13. have eaten more McDonalds in the last few months than I have in my life... for rides over 80 miles, it's the way to go.
14. found a neighbor to feed our cats while we're gone. Phew.
15. currently watching The Wedding Signer.
16. need to figure out how to get my Ironman Timex watch to beep every 12 minutes.
17. am going to get a massage next week - one of my tri buddies just graduated from massage school !
18. am considering getting a hot stone massage. pricey but I think I'll really love it.
19. going to buy the
desoto arm coolers. have heard AH-MAY-ZING things about them ... super excited.
20. buying new running shoes today. am close to 400 miles on my current pair.
21. confirmed my hotel reservation, but had a momentary freak out when they couldn't find my reservation. turns out I made it through the hotel directly and the general confirmation people didn't have it. phew.
22. still on the fence about an mDot tat.
23. not on the fence about the mDot necklace from Big Island Jewlewers, which I have oh-so-subtely emailed to my husband, with link, natch.
24. holy eff I'm really going to do an Ironman.
25. I'm really going to miss this process when it's over.
26. borrowing a bike box from a friend - need to pick that up soon.
27. what will I do with all of my free time after the race?


  1. I usually eat McD's after swimming (I like to swim in the morning and eat a sausage mcmuffin with egg afterwards). After reading your post, I now feel okay about saying that 'out loud'. Of course I'm not training for ironman, but hey..

    Get the necklace for sure!!!!

  2. I ate Mcdonalds not long ago and didnt like it any more. Ice baths are cruel and unusual punishment. I say yes to the tattoo, its the daily reminder of how much of a bad ass you are!!!

  3. i understand mental strength and all that, but why in the world would you let a box of chocolate pop tarts and 3 paydays sit for 4 weeks?!
    ...wow, only 4 weeks!

  4. 3. Seriously, you live my secret dream life!!
    9. Definitely not something you want to know the answer to.
    13. See response to #3.
    18. Hot stone massages are amazing. Very relaxing, but won't do much to work out tight muscles from training. If you want relaxing though, this is the way to go.
    27. I'm sure you will find something!! :)
    22. I would definitely get some ink. Very respectable, attorney-like ink.

  5. LOVE the list! SEE you in Mexico, we have to meet up! I am at the host hotel, Wed night to Cancun and 9am plane to Cozumel on Thursday. Stay till Tuesday... KEEP in touch!

  6. You do know that you are already the owner of arm warmers right? http://wildchild-t.blogspot.com/2009/10/moeben-giveaway-report.html

  7. No ipod - the only way to go. Ice bath -yes, just take the plunge! Arm coolers - got 'em! Too many times have I burned the tops of my forearms. Ouch! Massage - get it!! And, you are brave having that race food in your house already. It would not last in my house.

    Hang on tight! It is all downhill from here!

  8. Dude, Bree Wee posts on your blog. JEALOUS!

    3. I don't know why you would buy such delicious snacks just to STARE at for 3 weeks. I'm not buying my cookies (Grandmas Vanilla Cremes) until the day before I leave.
    12. If you train with getting drunk and then working out the next day, it gets easier. Practice makes perfect!
    14. Still need to find someone to watch our pooch. Poor Don.
    22. Get the tat...I'm trying out wearing fake ones in various places to see where I might want it. Yeah, see, that's what happens when Type A's decide to get tattoos.
    27. We will have clean houses and clean laundry and a social life...get excited!
    28. 27 DAYS!!