15 October 2009

a day in the life

[of an ironman-to-be, with a fair amount of paid leave (yay government)]

5:20 am: alarm goes off. too tired to do swim + run. hit snooze.
5:20 am - 6:00 am: repeat hitting snooze.
6:00am: realize that I am not getting up anytime soon. turn off alarm.
7:00 am: wake up.
7:05 am: make decision to take the day off.
7:07 am: email the powers that be, re: 8 hours of annual leave.
7:10 am - 7:45 am: piss around on the internet.

8:00 am - 1:30 pm: nap.
(yes, you read that correctly)
1:30 pm - 3:00 pm: laundry, piss around on the internet, straighten up the house.

3:15 pm - 5:15 pm: bike trainer.
29.00 miles in 2h 06m 06s // 13.80 Mi/hr.
watched DVR'd tv: The Biggest Loser (one and half episodes), America's Next Top Model, some of Ellen.
listened to Kayne's cover of "Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger" during commercials and really pushed it. felt great giving it my all. thought a lot about the finish line at IM Cozy.

5:15 pm - 6:00 pm: recover. shovel pancakes into my mouth at an alarming rate.
6:00 pm - 7:30 pm: take neighbor to friendly local running store so she can get running shoes.
7:40 pm: debate not going to gym.

7:50 pm: leave for gym.
8:00 pm - 8:30 pm: treadmill run: 3.36 miles in 30m // 08m 56s/Mi
8:40 pm - 9:15 pm: swim 1900.00 meters in 41m 50s // 02m 12s /100 meters.

9:30 pm - current: home, shower, finish laundry, eat.

tomorrow: rest day !


  1. Taking a day annual leave so you can take a 5.5 hour nap.

    You already sound like an Ironman

  2. you napped for 5 1/2 hours?! that's like an entire nights sleep! way to get workouts of all three in!

  3. I had a few days where I didn't start training until the afternoon but I never took a 5 hour nap, wow!

  4. Whew! Sounds like a great day - love the annual leave.

  5. That sounds like an absolutely delightful day!