22 October 2009

lists of to-do lists.

36 days out. is that possible? I remember when it was more than a year out, then exactly one year out, then: this year, then 6 months, 5, 4, 3, 2... now we're at 5.5 weeks. holy bejeezus.

the training is pretty much on track, and tonight I started obessing over the logistics. I renamed the "training/ racing" category in my Palm to "Ironman Cozumel" and added the following:

> buy new tire
> buy extra tubes
> print out worksheets from IronPlanner
> order more Infinit
> make binder for all IM docs (registration, hotel, plane, etc)
> bike jersey
> new running shoes
> make tune up/ pack up appointment with Race Pace
> make general to-pack list
> make swim packing list
> make bike packing list
> make run packing list
> make SN bike bag
> make SN run bag
> buy cell phone that will work in Mexico
> make packets for family (time estimates, where I'll be when, etc.)

last night I had an odd + unsettling dream: I was doing an IM distance AquaVelo. I got out of the pool (yes, pool swim), and headed into the locker room to change for the bike. Realized when I got there that I only did one mile of the swim, so I went back to finish. When I got out of the pool everyone was out on the bike. I started the bike but couldn't find my helmet, and by the time I grabbed (stole?) someone else's it was getting really late so I quit. I was so mad at myself because I knew my training graphs would be off.

Yes, we are definitely getting closer to race day !


  1. Impressive list to work on, will keep you busy while waiting

  2. My lists are still in my head but yes it's getting close enough we really have to start planning! Ack!!!

  3. thats pretty funny, my dream before the US open was also weird. out of the 1300 competitors, only about 350 people managed to finish the race. that was crazy.

    keep dreaming

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  4. I am sure you'll have some more weird dreams. Thirty-six more days!!! Very exciting.

  5. You're going to do great! I have weird dreams like that too. Like not swimming enough and going back and doing more :) funny!

  6. Oh man a prerace nightmare! I have had so many freaky ones and they always involve either showing up late to a race or I forgot a VERY important piece of equipment, like my bike ;)p. Just means that this race is on your mind!

    You are gonna do great!

  7. lol at the dream!!

    5.5 weeks....getting closer to game time!

  8. I've got the pre race jitters starting to churn also. Kind of funny since we have all done the distances, huh??

  9. With less than 30 days out to my race, I have started my lists too. I keep them hidden in a drawer so my family dont think I'm crazy. I am lucky to be racing local though, think I'd be a lot more OCD if I was travelling to race. Sounds like you are all squared away though! I havent had the dreams yet though, LOL! Take care! :-)

  10. I think I had a similar dream! It was a pool swim too, but some people had fins on. And I couldn't find my bike. Enjoy the pre-race process!!

  11. I have had similar dreams in the past -- thankfully nothing recently! I definitely am going to be focusing on my lists this week too. I need to spend some time on the "what if it is colder than you thought it would be" plan ...