19 October 2009

totals 10/12 - 10/18 and wacky weekend workouts

swim: 7200.00 M in 2h 30m 07s
bike: 111.30 Mi in 8h 07m 21s
run: 29.18 Mi in 4h 29m 16s
total training time: 15h 06m 44s

the sked called for a long ride, but mother nature apparently did not get the memo. it was raining, 40s, and windy ... hardly ideal biking weather.

creativity and good company to the rescue! my friend deb (right) and debbie (left)got together at deb's house. deb put out an aid station -- with Gatorade, water, cut up PB&J sammies, and double stuffed oreos. we did: 1 hour really hard spinerval DVD, 1 hour "scenic" spiveral DVD, and then 2 hours of He's Just Not That Into You. took a break every hour or so so refuel and change the DVD. it was tough - mentally and physically - but doing it with training buddies made it so much more enjoyable.

55.30 miles in 4h 00m // 13.83 Mi/hr

here we are after the ride:


2h 30m run planned. I was planning on going to the NCR trail but had to be home early to shower and get to a surprise party, so city run it was. I wore tights, thin short sleeved tshirt, and light jacket. perfect. it was drizzly/ misty but no driving rain.

left at 7:40 am and meanered around Canton, Fells Point, into the Inner Harbor.. when I was getting into Federal Hill another runner asked me what I was training for.. we got to talking (he was training for the NCR marathon, hoping to BQ) and ran the next 7 or so miles together. so nice to have company and I did my faster miles with him.

Recovered with Recoverite and an ice bath.

17.25 miles in 2h 38m 41s // 09m 12s/Mi

mile 1: 9:32
mile 2: 9:57
mile 3: 9:49
mile 4: 9:43
mile 5: 9:23
mile 6: 9:34
mile 7: 9:15
mile 8: 9:18
mile 9: 8:40
mile 10: 8:37
mile 11: 9:00
mile 13: 8:46
mile 13: 8:48
mile 14: 8:59
mile 15: 9:17
mile 16: 9:17
mile 17: 8:32


  1. Looks like a fantastic weekend. I have to get me some Spinnervals.

  2. Great job on the weekend!!! It's getting so close - you're doing awesome!

  3. 4 hours on a trainer, make sure you add mental toughness to your log, that had to been mentally draining!!!! Nice work!!!

  4. HA! During my 3:45 on the trainer I also watched He's Just Not That Into You! Great minds......but I wasn't gonna get off to change the DVD, so it went to football...

    Yes - 6 weeks.....here we go!!!

  5. Ditto on the mental toughness. The longest I have lasted on the trainer so far is 2 hours. I'm going to try and load up Netflix for my winter rides.

    Just curious as to what kind of trainer you are using? I am using a mag trainer and it is ridiculously noisey - I have to have the TV cranked to 11 to hear it.

  6. 4 hours on the trainer! Wow! I've never been able to get past 2 in one session! Pure mental toughness!

  7. Good job. I dont think you need to worry about 40F weather race day...

  8. My best time on the trainer is 3:10 ... I am seriously impressed! Keep up the great work!!

  9. Super workouts Trish! So nice to have trainer buddies. I finally got some run buddies the past two weeks and it's been SUPER! Keep pushing hard, you're not far off!!

  10. Super weekend of training! You are getting close to the big day!. We had the opposite here, record heat, got to 102 on saturday. Yikes! At least you had some fun company on the trainer. Dont know how you cold weather folks do it! Keep up the great work!

  11. awesome weekend of training! way to make the rest of us look likes slobs!

  12. great job cranking out the miles on the trainer. you are clearly determined!

  13. 39 days away and you are rocking it!!! Way to go!

  14. Hi Trishie. Great to see you are still at it. I thought you we lost in cyberspace forever!

    Good luck with the IM!

    Dave (Daddyo)

  15. Huge weekend!! Awesome job getting that long ride in on the trainer. Looks like you have some great friends too. Well done.

  16. "He's just not that into you". Good idea; need good movie for my TM runs. Sorry to see me off of the buddy list :(. No worries... it's not like I'm in that ultra athlete league! =D! I thought I saw you in the adjacent driveway the other day; my neighbor is an 3x Ironman, looks just like you but blond and doing her "Spinnervals" outdoors in the sunshine. I think she's in training for something .... maybe Cozumel!