25 October 2009

nerd alert!

nerd alert!

I don't miss most of law school. It was stressful and time consuming ... and the ever lurking Bar got closer each year (that's Bar as in Maryland State Bar Exam, not bar as in fun place to drink).

However. The one thing I do miss is the organizing. I heart organizing. I heart binders and colored tabs and cross referencing. Yes, I am a nerd.

This actually translates pretty well to IM preparation. I only have 2 weeks left of training before tapering (freakout moment but let's put that aside for the moment, mmmkay?) so lately I've been focusing on the logistical aspects of the race.

I bought
IronPlanner and have been reading it. I printed out the worksheets that the writer emailed to me... and yes, put them in a binder. Also in the binder? hotel confirmation, race confirmation, flight information, general "to do" list of stuff that pops into my head. Also need to photocopy licenses and passports and add those to The Binder.

Back to IronPlanner... pretty neat [yes, if you are a geek like me]. The worksheets: visualization, race slices [breaking the race up into small slices], best moments [from life, to draw on when things get hard], inspiration [Team Hoyt, Chrissie Wellington.. ideas for more?], mantra, race day theme, battle [drawing the fatigue monster and a plan to fight him], magic [magic strength to put into your body], spectator meeting places [where I think I'll be when], travel [contacts for hotel, flight, etc], time prediction, race plan, bags - swim, bike, run, SN bike, SN run, finish line.

I've heard from more than one person that this day will be as much a mental battle as a physical battle, and I want to be prepared.


80 mi ride on the Eastern Shore and 2.35 mi run brick. lots of headwind but that's good practice for Cozumel. Feeling very comfortable in aero.

ride> 80.80 miles in 5h 00m // 16.16 Mi/hr
run> 2.35 miles in 20m 08s // 08m 34s/Mi

this week

swim: 5000.00 M in 1h 41m 01s
bike: 130.60 Mi in 8h 33m 59s
run: 15.94 Mi in 2h 23m 57s
total training time: 12h 38m 57s


34 days !


  1. I'm excited for you - it's really getting close!!

    You're quite the organizer!!! I'm more of a messy desk kind of person. My version of organization would be to put all that stuff in a big manila folder. the travel equivalent of a messy desk!

    best wishes as you prepare!

  2. I am the same way with notes and color tabs. Nerdom is a good thing :)

  3. Nerd is the new black!

    I just put the IronPlanner book on my Christmas wishlist :)

    Keep up the great training!

  4. Wowee, only 34 more days, that is crazy. Enjoy your taper, try and relax. Easier said than done I am sure.

  5. Bike.... check
    Wetsuit.... check
    Goggles.... check
    Helmet.... check
    Margarita on the beach... check
    or how about..
    Tri bike... $1900
    Wetsuit... $200
    Ironman in Cozumel... priceless

  6. Awesome training week for you! Thanks for the planning link, that may be useful :)

  7. Where do I show my special "I am a nerd" badge? :)

    Great training week ... race day will be here before we know it!

  8. gotta love the binder action, it's the only way to roll!

  9. I think we all have an inner nerd:) You are hodlign strong, slmost there!

  10. I agree with D10, we all have an inner nerd to us all.

    As for the motivation, but a bunch of reasons not to quit quotes, and some good luck notes from your friends in the binder. Make copies of them. Toss some of the quotes and good luck notes in your special needs bags to read quickily in transition and tape the most powerful quote on your bike handle bar. Just an idea

  11. I also loved the organising. It started with my program, which I put into spreadsheets and folders and stuff way before I even started training.

    I will have to stand with you and say - Hi, my name is Pamela and I am a nerd too...

  12. Ohhhh folders are fun :) I'm pretty sure you are going to be 100% ready!

  13. My heart races when I'm in an office supply store....and don't even get me started with spreadsheets! Glad you appreciate my book.
    Kick some booty in Cozumel.

  14. Trishie, Iron Jenny can no longer do the race and her spot in the host hotel is available. I'd like to get some or all of her money back for her, so if you are interested in taking her spot, just let me know. Hopefully your sherpa is coming with you, but if so, this option probably is not enough room for both of you. Just let me know.