12 October 2009

civista potomac heritage bicycle tour

civista potomac heritage bicycle tour by the numbers:

miles rode: 102.5
time it took to ride said miles: 6h 44m 15s
average pace: 15.21 Mi/hr
time left baltimore: 5:30 am
paydays eaten: 2
calories of Infinit: 1250
granola bars: 1
stops by the water: 1
friends that came to ride with me: 2
Amish boys seen: 1
times I thought where the fcuk is the finish line: 8
wrong turns: 1
times motorcycle tour blazed by: 2
talks about "girlie stuff": 3
temperature at start: 50*F
times I thought I need to invest toe warmers: 12
mile at which I panicked, thought I can't do this anymore: 83
slices of pizza eaten at post race party: 1
hamburgers eaten at post race party: 1
hot dogs eaten at post race party: 1
number of mini cups of trail mix eaten at the 73 mi rest stop: 2
on a scale of 1-10, the post race massage: 10
fell asleep: 9:00 pm

[from the website]
Riders will leave La Plata starting at 7:00 am and pass through historic Port Tobacco and climb a short hill to a spectacular view from Chapel Point. The longer routes continue along lightly travelled back roads with rest stops throughout. The century route then heads through Amish country to Leonardtown. Cyclists will return to La Plata to the Crossing at Casey Jones, where they will enjoy an after-ride party with food and entertainment.


totals 10.05 through 10.11
IM training week 12
swim> 4114.80 M in 1h 30m 47s [1 workout]
bike> 135.00 Mi in 9h 05m 05s [3 workouts]
run> 27.22 Mi in 4h 09m 23s [4 workouts]

total training time> 14h 45m 15s


  1. Loved reading your breakdown! Another strong week!

  2. sounded like quite a day! how many more long rides do you have left?

  3. # of stops to pee?

    Great week! These are the rides you will remember on race day.

    I don't know about you, but I swear, the closer IMFL gets, the further away it seems.

  4. Good job Trish, you will rock on race day with all that awesome training!

  5. 50F?? What's that? I think it was 50 here back in '04, but I can't remember...

  6. awesome ride, loved the breakdown. solid weekly numbers, man you are putting in time in your shoes! that marathon is gonna get it's butt kicked!

  7. "mile at which I panicked, thought I can't do this anymore: 83"

    glad I am not the only one that thinks this way too much on a course

  8. Nice ride! Good luck in the rest of your training for IM!