28 October 2009

what do we do we swim we swim

I woke up this morning and seriously considered taking a personal day. I'm not in court again until next week, and I just. wanted. to. sleep.
[I decided to go, figuring I should save some of my leave.]

I was a walking zombie all day [hope my boss isn't reading!]. Hours of s/b/r are taking their toll. On the way home I gave serious consideration to making today my rest day.. getting home, throwing on sweats and an old race tshirt, and going to sleep. for a long time.
but: I sucked it up - htfu and all of that - and schlepped to the pool.
glad I did, too: I had a great swim.

I normally average 2:00/ 100. tonight's swim:

3000.00 meters in 56m 52s// 01m 54s /100 meters [sweet average pace]

WU: 200
1,000 time trial> 18:17
pace> 1:50/100 !
500 pull with paddles.
2x: - 200 yd free w/ 20" rest - 150 yd free w/ 15" rest - 100 w/ 10" rest - 50 w/ 1' rest
CD: 300

thirty-one days. bring it!

and look how neato: wordle.net ! [I put in my blog feed and it came up with this:]


  1. Great swim workout!! That is an awesome pace to keep up for 3000 meters.

    I'll have to check out that wordle.net - that is a pretty cool representation of your posts.

  2. Isn't the wordle fun! Way to rock the swim!

  3. Nice to have those break through days!!

  4. Sweet swim! Use your days, you deserve the rest:)

  5. way to have a mentally tough day and a physically great day!

  6. We all have those days, sometimes a couple days in a row, but taper is right around the corner!

  7. I was just thinking this morning - boy I feel like I sleep all the time. I don't really but rest has taken on a whole new dimension in these last long weeks of training and getting up early is a bit harder than it used to be. Hang in there - we're almost to the turning point!!!

  8. i like the word cloud. hope you catch up on rest soon.