15 November 2009

13 days and the email that started it all.

totals from last week > November 9 - November 15

in the water: 5000.00 M in 1h 44m 13s
on bella: 82.50 Mi in 5h 39m 50s
in my asics: 24.38 Mi in 3h 46m 29s
total training time: 11h 10m 32s

this week the training volume drops drastically. I felt like there was still too much volume in my training plan, and so I cut out some of the workouts. The workouts for this week are listed until "on tap" <------- . At this point all of the work is done and I feel like doing less will benefit me more on race day.

also, when will taper madness kick in? right now I am exhuasted... I've been sleeping and napping non stop this weekend ! I feel like one of my cats [minus the whole pooping in a box thing]. All I want to do is lay down and sleep. Should make for a productive week at work! AND I'm in court Tuesday and Wednesday... hope I can stay awake through my dockets.

finalizing the last minute to-dos and getting ready. Getting REALLY ready... nervous but so excited.

and here is the email that started it all:

there is debate as to whether or not the "two words for you: ironman cozumel" means "isn't this interesting" (my friend's interpretation) or "go ahead and sign up!" (my interpretation). look at the date. wow.


  1. I spent that whole 1st week of taper sleepy. You're about on target :) I've felt more energetic and bored this past week. I hope to feel super zippy and bouncy next week.

  2. So you use gmail eh? I adore you even more lol (I am such a nerd, sorry!) 13 days! I am stupid excited for you. Rest easy...

  3. Enjoy the naps and good luck getting through work.

  4. best of luck for the week and the race. im sure you will kill it. really look forward to the race report.

  5. I am so excited for you -- your energy will return soon!

  6. I feel like such a dork! I am all excited and rooting and cheering for you over here - I can hardly stand it!

  7. The end is near! The end is near! The end is near! (of the taper)

    Enjoy winding down and stressing out for your race at the same time. You'll do great!