21 November 2009

all my bags are packed

I am 7 days, 10 hours, and 21 minutes away from joining a couple thousand other athletes in the Gulf of Mexico to start the 2.4 mi swim.


> Race Plan is complete. I've included the course, loops (if applicable), nutrition, appx. time(s), and mental strategy for each leg and transition.
> Emailed friends + family the tracker information.

Yes, folks, I am almost completely packed! I thought it was take much longer, but I've been working on my "to pack" list for a few weeks and have been putting aside clothes, food, waterbottles, etc. for a while. I still need to pack some last minute stuff like meds and make up, but I'm approximately 98.45% packed !

the master to-pack list ^

bike bag -- note all the checklists, bubbles, etc. I am nothing if not thorough ! ^

water bottles, pre marked by the hour, plus post race recoverite ^

bed full of stuff ^

poe-the-cat did not make it into the suitcase ^

all the race day stuff is in ziploc bags, ready to go into the bike gear, run gear, or respective special needs bag ^


  1. Oh this brings back memories! The packing was a very hard part of the process. Harder than the long workouts. Enjoy your day!

  2. on the master pack list, lower right hand corner, item 1. is not checked off! Also, at a second glance on the same list top right ... some things not checked. Must be the make-up!!! GOOD LUCK. When do you actually fly out?!

  3. I love seeing all the stuff people pack. Looks like you are covered! Can't WAIT to read your race report, I hope its a great day out there for you. What's the temp like there? IT won't be super hot right?

  4. wow. you are really organized! Best wishes. Only a week to go...

  5. SO excited for you. and not at all surprised a)at your organization or b)that there was a sleeping cat amidst your packing. loves!

  6. I am so excited for you!! When do you leave for Coz?

  7. One might think you are an attorney or something as organized as you are.....
    Good luck and we WILL be watching.

  8. Good luck - Looking forward for your post-race report!

  9. I am excited for you, enjoy this reward for all your hard work!!!