03 November 2009

magical miracle RICE

thanks everyone for the advice and well wishes!

I'm happy (ecstatic, really) to report that my knee is feeling MUCH better. Last night I swam and it felt fine.. the flip turns made my knee feel a little wonky, but I managed to do them with my left leg straight (that must have looked hilarious). This morning I really don't feel any pain, except when I bend or strighten it suddenly. I can walk normally without pain or limping.

RICE has really been amazing.
Rest: swam last night, haven't run since Saturday, and will not run for a while. May try cycling in a few days.
Ice: I've been icing as often as possible.. at home and at work.
Compression: Bought a cheap knee compression sleeve and have been wearing it regularly.
Elevation: when I can. currently my leg is propped up on my desk with a bag of ice on it. have been propping it up with a pillow at home in bed.

I think maybe it was just really inflamed? I'm not sure but I'm glad it appears to be healing quickly. I need to remember to continue resting. I have a strong enough running base -- from both IM training AND from an early spring marathon this year -- to not run for a while. I'd like to get in one more long ride this weekend but I'll see how I feel.

This week will be a lot of swimming.. which is good. I like swimming.

25 days!


  1. I'm glad your knee is better. Definately trust your base. Swimming is good, too. Low impact.


  2. That is such great news! I have been thinking about your knee for 2 days waiting for an update!

    Trust your instincts on this -- here is to hoping it keeps getting better!

  3. gosh it's so close!!! yay on the knee!

    on the other hand. how do you fit it all in?? give me some tips woman!!

  4. Something as simple as RICE works wonders!!!!!

  5. Good to hear the knee is feeling better. Props to you to follow RICE, I know it can be hard!

  6. Good news that your knee feels better :)

  7. Rest, you'll be fine. I'm sending good thoughts your way! :)