05 November 2009

a good knee, a great massage, and 24 days to go.

what has two thumbs and no knee pain ? this girl !

the pain started slowly going away with RICE - both in duration and intensity - on Tuesday, and yesterday I woke up with no knee pain. I'm still taking it easy but I am just delighted. deeeelighted.

oh, and I bought two new pairs of flats to wear when I couldn't wear heels. so really, I came out ahead.

today one of my
bt buddies just finished massage school.. talk about a good person to know ! she came to my house with her massage table and gave me a massage a little over an hour. A.May.Zing ! she's a triathlete too so she really knew what muscles to work. turns out my TFL something (tendon? muscle?) was a little tender... and that somehow connects to the ITB which can affect the knee. going to keep rolling with the foam roller.

oh, and 24 days to go. squeeeeee !


  1. All of a sudden the time flying by at top speed (almost TOO fast!). Race day will be here before we know it!

  2. Glad to hear that you are on the mend. Make sure to put your massage friend in your speed dial for after the race. :)

  3. Massages are wonderful! Sounds like you are ready to go.

  4. I need a massage, but my roller does an amazing job.

    Good to hear your getting better, RICE + Taper + 24 days = You are an IRONMAN!!

  5. That is the best news! I am so happy to hear that you are feeling better! Now, after this weekend, bring on the taper!!

  6. I take it you don't get a massage that often. they are the best. i have some friends that are chiropractors and they have 3 people that do massage. i go once a week, especially after long rides. it is the best.

  7. What a HUGE relief! Just days to go...