13 November 2009

15 days and 15 things.

in typical me fashion, I've decided to do a list. are you surprised?

15 things and we're 15 days out!

1. <--- Google maps view of the bike course.

2. everyone is apparently freaking out about CO2 carts.. since a lot of people are flying (and you can't bring CO2 carts on a plane) there are worries that the expo will run out.
3. I'm really really tired. amazing what 8 months of training will do to a girl.
4. my husband has stoked up on beer to prepare himself to deal with me during taper madness.
5. yesterday I got the most fabulous arm warmers from the wild child. they are GIRRAFE PRINT and super comfy. love the bloggy world.
6. and today my desoto arm coolers arrived from trisports.com. trisports wasn't as kind as the wild child and charged me for them. boo.
7. I really hope the Powers That Be at the Mexican border don't mistake my Infinit for cocaine. both are white and powdery.
8. I have a "to pack" list going (of course. I mean, would you expect any less?). every so often I remember something - towel! hairbrush! tums! - and write it down.
9. I'm excited for my buddies racing IMAZ next weekend, especially my buddy
Molly, who is 8 days out from her first IM!
10. I am so grateful for all of my tri buddies! - in person and online .. I don't think my coworkers/ husband/ friends/ family can take any more IM talk.
11. I think UPS wonders how much I've spent at Trisports.com.
12. I'd perfer not to tally it all up.
13. I'm debating renting race day wheels. Part of me thinks: hell, why not "buy" (rent) speed and save 5-6 minutes? Part of me thinks: do I really need to spend the money for that amount of time?
14. I did justify to my husband by first explaining the cost of buying Zipps.
15. My house is so full of IM stuff -- bike on trainer in the living room, foam roller on the coffee table, Infinit, GE, and Recoverite on the kitchen counter, dozens of water bottles also on the kitchen counter, running shoes by the front door or on my dresser, (stinky) bike shoes on the bike (on the trainer).


  1. What ever you do don't try and take a CO2 on the sly. The held a bike coming from Germany into the US for the USA Triple Iron last year. It showed on the X-ray and they refused to open the bike case, shipped it back un-opened.

    Take a bike mounted pump just in case the run out of CO2.

  2. It's amazing that anyone still talks to us at this point. I think my husband gets the brunt of my nonstopIronmanstreamofconciousnessbabble. He's probably going to be as happy as me to have it over with!

    I hear you on the Trisports.com spending. I'm going to be in Tucson this weekend...wonder if I can swing by the store in between dog activities? :)

  3. I would rent the wheels, then decide if they are worth buying them. Not only that, for such an event, why not bling out the bike. your getting your moneys worth with 112 miles. I saw a clip on how that company works, its easy and quick, rent ur wheels before hand and just show up at there tent with your cassette and ur off with Zipp wheels.

  4. Wheels: I find them very helpful in the wind, so long as the rim is not tooooo deep. Con: Zipps are hard as hell to change if you flat--at least clinchers are for me. You'll need to get some of those mega tire levers and hope for the best.

  5. It's been exciting to read all about your IM journey! Thanks for sharing with us. 15 days are going to go by quickly!

  6. Roger on the bike pump. that might relieve some of the stress.
    The race is in the bag so it depends on whether $200 for wheel rental is worth 5 to 10 minutes. I always say, if you tell anyone (even an ironman) you did an ironman and say you had a 12:20, does it really make a hill of beans of difference if it is a 12:15 if you aren't in podium contention? Buy your hubby 100 margaritas instead.

  7. You always have the best lists, highly entertaining. Sucks to hear about the CO2 issue, totally didn't even think about that!
    As for the cocaine issue, you're familiar with the law, just start spouting out some legalese with big words, confuse the hell outta them, grab your nutrition and run (consider it a warm up for the race)!

  8. Love your blog -
    Two more weeks to go!!

  9. It's almost time!! I am so excited for you. You are ready girl.

  10. I am so excited for you ... and a bit jealous too! I know that I don't have to tell you this, but enjoy every moment. It passes so quickly!

    I am looking forward to following you in 2 weeks!

  11. exciting!!! the giraffe print arm warmers & the coolers sound great! I'll check them out. We've also thought about renting wheels. wow, let the fun continue!!!