19 November 2009

single digit countdown + how many times have I done this ?

it's the final countdown... na na na... dum dum dum dum. now I have this song on an endless loop in my head. for realsies, folks, we are 9 days 20 hours 25 minutes and 18 seconds away from the mass swim start at Ironman Cozumel. And I'm ready. And I'm excited. Like, jumping-out-of-my-skin-excited. Like, good-luck-having-a-conversation-with-me-that-doesn't-involve-swim-bike-run excited. Like, let's-get-down-to-Cozy-and-become-an-Ironman-already! excited.

I've seen some other bloggy buddies do this and I thought it was a good idea.

How many times I've done the race distance for each leg since I signed up in August 2008:

total distance: 250,182.20 meters (155.45 miles)
total time: 87h 58m 07s
times I've done the IM swim (2.4 mi): 64

total distance: 3,577.16 miles
total time: 233h 31m 25s
times I've done the IM bike (112 mi): 40

total distance: 1,357.57 miles
total time: 210h 06m 30s
times I've done the IM run (26.2 mi): 52

all that math just made me hungry !


  1. That's awesome! What a neat way to look at workout totals!

  2. Awesome post! I may totally steal this for confidence boosting on my blog tomorrow :)

  3. those are some SERIOUS numbers! Good job!

  4. thats an awesome effort. im totally using it when i do my 70.3 next year and my full in 2011.

  5. Aw, my dad added the distances up for me and I posted them before IMWI:


    Have an amazing race day!

  6. I think you have some serious taper madness Trish :-) single digits already!?!

  7. Yeah! Single digits! Your energy should be returning after this restful weekend! :)

  8. Stumbled upon your blog from the link on BT. I have loved reading your past few blogs! So excited for you!!! I am new to the tri journey, but dream big. Can't wait to continue to experience it all through you!