01 November 2009

crappity crap crap [and welcome november!]

bad news:

I ran my 18 miles yeterday with no pain... well, there was the "ow my legs and feet hurt/ are tired" that kicked in aroun mile 16, but nothing out of the ordinary. I got home, took an ice bath, and noticed that my left knee was a little twinge-y.

no biggie, I thought. Just a little sore from the long run.

I went to run errands and almost cried when I got into the car -- I could not bend or straighen my knee without a sharp shooting pain. I suffered through it, came home and got ready for Halloween. I tried to ignore it.

I went upstairs to get something, sat down on the bed, and started crying. My husband helped me out of my costume (Morton's Salt Girl) and into sweats. He got my ice for my knee, elevated it, and reassured me that it's almost time to taper, that the race is still 4 weeks away, that I have plenty of time to heal.

I spent Halloween propped up, alternating reading and watching bad tv, with a bag of ice on my knee. It was a superfun pity party.

Today it feels BETTER, I think. I'm going to keep up with the ibprofuen and the ice 20 minutes of each hour. I might swim but I'm not sure.

Please send good healing vibes my way. I'm confident that I'll be okay to race... just a little scared right now.


green = race day.
there it is on my
bt training log!


  1. Oh no! Sorry about your knee. Best wishes for quick healing!!!

  2. I'd bet it's a side effect of minor swelling from your long run. Take it easy for a few days, keep RICEing...it's going to be OK. (((Trishie)))

  3. Take it easy and don't worry, Trishie!! Plenty of time to heal and rest before the green day!

  4. Stop running! I stopped close to 3 weeks ago, about the same time you have until your race, and I know I will do better because of it. No need to aggravate things. You have the mileage in the bank and will do fine, IF you stay off it!

  5. First, hugs! Sending healing vibes your way.
    I had similar knee pain about a month ago and ice and advil really helped ... but the foam roller made all the difference!

  6. I know it's hard not to freak out but just do what you are doing, RICE, and know that all the running miles behind you are the ones that count now. Get to the start line healthy :-) Take care! My fingers are crossed for you!

  7. good chance its nothing to worry about but I would find a good PT or sports massage person and get an opinion on it asap so you can get an idea if you need to modify training etc. You have plenty of time to heal if you do the right things so don't waste time waiting to have it looked at!! healing vibes your way.... you are doing the right thing resting and icing right now :)

  8. From the research I did, knee pain is often related to the IT band and hip, even when it is not an IT band problem. Essentially, it is all tied together and when one part gets too tight, you can feel pain in several different places.

    My knee pain was in the front of my knee, not the side, so I didn't think stretching my IT band would help, but across the board, everyone recommended the foam roller for all sorts of knee pain.

    The foam roller takes some balance and it will hurt like hell, but it gets better. You can google the various exercises, but I generally supported myself with my forearm/elbow on my side while I was on my side laying on the foam roller. I would find a spot that hurt and concentrate there and slowly roll back and forth. It is like getting a really deep massage!

    It works on your IT band, hips, butt, calves, quads, back, etc. I never really looked up exercies but I understand there are lots out there. The best $20 in tri training I have spent!

    I am taking it to Florida with me too!

    Hope it gets better soon!

  9. rest!!!! sending knee recovery vibes via comment post

  10. ouch! feel better! i hope it turns out to be a minor thing.

  11. Rest. Feel better. It will be okay.

  12. Oh no!!! I hope it's nothing and I really hope it's better today!!

  13. Rest!!! And all my best healing vibes are being sent your way.

    Enjoy Taper!!!

  14. Hang in there... and look on the bright side- now James can serve you everything you want :)

    Seriously- hope it turns out to be nothing and you are back out there soon but don't rush it.

  15. You'll be A-ok! You're sooooo close!!!!!!!!

  16. Trish - I know I'm late to the healing vibes party..but I def wanan jump in! How are you fairing as of today? And how has your training gone since the twinge-y incident?

    I def hope U get better SOON and are able to regain the confidence you had before the mishap...for what it's worth..I think your Hubby is right..you'll be good to go come GREEN day