08 November 2009

20 things about 100 miles.

first, last week:

swim: 9500.00 M in 3h 17m 26s
bike: 145.50 Mi in 9h 25m 03s
run: 9.52 Mi in 1h 26m 23s
total training time: 14h 08m 52s
[not bad for a week that started with a wonky knee!]

today was my last long ride.. Easton to Tilghman Island and back to Easton .. twice [each leg is 25 miles]. in honor of being 20 (20!) days out from my first Ironman... I present to you, 20 things about this ride:
1. miles: 101.0
2. time: 6h 03m 48s
3. average mph: 16.66
4. a ladybug fly on and stayed on my leg for about 5 miles. yay for good luck.
5. we saw a fox !
6. the shoulder is for bikes only. dbags on mopeds who pass too closely and then burn runner should Stay. Out. Of. Our. Lane.
7. got waterbottles refilled at a bar. everyone there was ordering Coors Lights
8. apparently the bar was BYOBC [that's bring-your-own-beer-cozy].
9. post ride mcdonalds continues to be the most delicious deliciousness ever.
10. no soreness/ stiffness in the upper body !
11. calories of Infinit: 1320
12. payday bars: 2
13. it was in the high 60s. in November. in Maryland. awesomeness.
14. I love my Maryland Terps bike jersey and am excited to wear it in Cozy. [see below]
15. I'm so tired of driving to and from the Shore. no more for a long time !
16. loving the desoto 400 mile bike shorts. the pad is thinner than a bike short pad but thicker than a tri short pad. In a word: perfection.
17. got really warm on the first 50 miles -- took off arm warmers and tights at the car.. and regretted that coming back at around mile 85 when it was getting dark.
18. I'm feeling really ready for Cozy.
19. this ride makes three total rides over 100 miles.
20. I'm hungry. time for more food!

also: a big congrats to
Anne and Bob for rocking Ironman Florida yesterday !


  1. Great job on the ride! Getting that last 100-miler out of the way is a biggie, now it's time for some taper cruising... There's still work to do but it's all less than what you've proven you're capable of. So excited to cheer for you in ~3 weeks!!!

  2. Wow, three 100+ mile rides, that's impressive! Glad to hear the knee was feeling better and not bothering you.
    By the way you go through PayDay bars you might want to think about getting sponsorship from them!

  3. Glad to hear the knee is better. Way to rock the 100 miles - it sounds like you are ready!!

  4. Sweet ride! I need to come ride down there. Talk about perfect weather this weekend!

  5. Awesome ride!

    I can say with 100% certainty now, that having followed the plan you are following you will be well prepared for IMCOZ! Training is the hard part, the race is just dessert! :)

    Looking forward to following you on race day! Thank you for tracking me yesterday and for your support and encouragement over the last several months. I appreciate the shout out on your blog too!

  6. Great list! And congrats on the ;ast 100 miler (except for the real thing in a few weeks!). We used to live just south of you in VA, I miss the East coast so much! Have a great week and so happy the knee is good!

  7. Nice job Trish! You look so happy in your pic. You will rock COZ no doubt.

  8. Great job!!!! I wish I could have enjoyed the weather with some good rides and runs. But alas I am working to get people ready for other adventures.!!!!

  9. You've put in the work. Soon it will be time to enjoy the reward. :-)

  10. Almost there - now you get to enjoy all your hard work!!

  11. Yay for ladybugs!!!! You will do great at Cozy! I am excited for you.

  12. Your a stud

    Wow moped rage, I have heard it all now.