11 January 2009

17 mi of mud and ice.

I deliberately didn't set my alarm clock last night. I've been exhuasted lately and I really need to focus on getting more sleep as my training ramps up.

I woke up around 10:30, ate a bowl of the most-delicious Nature's Path Flax Pumpkin Seed granola cereal with a banana, and got all of my stuff together: Garmie the Garmin, iPod shuffle, fuel belt. GU. WHERE'S MY GU? HOW AM I OUT OF GU? Found one last packet and grabbed a couple packs of Luna Moons. Checked the weather: 40*F and sunny and made the decision to wear shorts*

*a poor decision.

I drove to a local trail and started my run.

I was cold.

No worries, I thought, I would warm up.

I didn't.

Fortunantly, my legs got numb so I couldn't really feel them after a few miles.

I'm on the final book of the Twilight series - Breaking Dawn [don't judge me]. It's a good, easy 'read' [listen] and it makes the time go by fairly quickly. It's the last one though, so I need to start looking for the new book... still, this book is a 20 hour listen, so it should last for the next few long runs.

The "trial" [it's a rails-to-trials trail, but it's flat and packed gravel, so don't picture any real trail running!] was wet, muddy, and - at some points - icy. awesome. the back of my legs and my shoes were caked in mud!


17.05 miles in 2h 35m 51s // 09m 08s/Mi

mile 1: 9:43
mile 2: 9:41
mile 3: 9:34
mile 4: 9:34
mile 5: 9:17
mile 6: 9:16
mile 7: 9:12
mile 8: 9:04
mile 9: 9:04
mile 10: 9:05
mile 11: 8:46
mile 12: 8:58
mile 13: 9:03
mile 14: 9:03
mile 15: 9:00
mile 16: 8:42
mile 17: 8:23 (!!)

I've had two slices of oat bread + peanut butter and cheddar cheese scambled eggs, tea, chocolate milk, and water and I'm ready to relax!


  1. Sux to not dress properly but that probably help you run a little faster! 8:23 for your last mile?! Smokin fast!!!

  2. Those shoes look like they had a good run. :-)

  3. Oh man, shorts on a 40 degree days. Wowza, your poor little legs. Hope you made hubby massage the feeling back into them :) Nice job on the run.

  4. Sweet job on the 17 miler! I like how you used the asterisk with the shorts comment :-)

  5. Shorts! Oh no, I am shivering right now just thinking about you in shorts in that weather...

  6. 26!! Not 27 - I'm such a ditz w numbers - how DO i get and from work every day???? gad-zooks!!!

    I bet 1-more mile would be more than enough running!! =D

  7. o-yeah ... swim will be tonight... 2-nite, at nite - no mornings - it's too hard to get up!!! Honest.

  8. Thanks for visiting my site.
    Read my first post "Oatmeal at 5" if you haven't.
    My first experience with Infinit was this weekend. No negatives to speak of as of yet. But, I dont exactly follow their instructions. If followed, I would put 300 calories in per bottle and need 9 bottles for an Ironman ride. Since I dont want to pull a super tanker behind my bike, I mix three times recommended per bottle allowing less bottles on the course and I follow up the "swig" of Infinit with water, which is readily replaceable on the course.
    I will advise how this works out.
    Thanks, Bob

  9. Sweeeeeet! Shoes, time and all. :D